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Bobby’s World IAC Championship Preview

11am – The Movement 30 vs. Power 8

Ron from Power had been talking cash money shit all week. Talking about them finally having all of the players, and said they were ready to shock the world. When the game started, Power put together a very impressive scoring drive. So 4 minutes in the game, they led 8-0. Unfortunately, that would be the last time they saw the end zone. Movement had their way scoring at ease and shutting the Power offense down drive after drive. Disrespect was in the air when Bobby put out all ladies in for their last drive of the game and scored. Power has a young team and a veteran QB in Looby. They will for sure be back next season better than their 3-5 record showed this season. As for The Movement, they were forced to grab some shade to await their next opponent at 3pm.

12pm – The Big O 12 vs Sauce 6

Everyone was excited to see what team Sauce would bring to the field on Sunday. Honestly, they were able to show up with a few of their superstars to start the game. However, down 12-6 at halftime, they decided to leave the field to play in their A2 championship at 1pm. I was actually shocked to see the forfeit, but a chance to win it all in their other league was not worth risking injury or coming late for that game. Big O caught a break, but was pumped to see the defending Champs in the next round. Not sure what we will see from Sauce next season, but when they were here, they looked pretty good. As hot as it was Sunday, having to only play one half possibly served as an advantage for Big O going into their second game at 3pm.

1pm – The Syndicate 54 vs. T1T 6

Talk about ass whooping. I personally talked to Gene from T1T and told him to run run run. And when he finished running, to run some damn more. But apparently he didn’t listen. He decided to use that terrible arm of his to the tune of 5 team interceptions. 3 by him and 2 by his substitute after he was kicked out the game for a cheap shot on the side line during one of Syndicates 3 pick sixes. This game was simply ugly. How do you throw 5 picks in one game?? Well they found a way, and found a way to be gone fishing very early in this one. I can’t say much about the Syndicate offense because their defense made everything so easy for their team. With an early exit in this season’s playoffs, back to the drawing board T1T goes. As for Syndicate, they would grab some shade and look at the 4 vs 5 match up at 2pm.

2pm – The Dream Killers 29 vs Stony Island Sailors 28

Everyone with eye can see that Stony is the team on the rise. Outside of the veteran teams in both leagues, they have the best young talent to actually challenge teams for titles. Key word is RISE… They are not there yet. They played very well from the start with an opening pick 6 to the house for their defense. But the savvy veteran team DK played well to fight back and eventually win the game. Stony did have a chance to be great scoring a touchdown with less than a minute left and then choosing to go for two and the win. An incomplete pass on their conversion sealed their fate and ended their season. DK was hyped to prove their selves as a true elite team, and now they set their selves up to play Syndicate for a potential rematch against the champs.

Final Four

3pm – The Movement 35 vs The Big O 8

Uncle Willie and coach Mike had been confident all week long to knock off The Movement. But playing the champs, you can’t expect to make mistakes and think you are going to win the game. And on their very first drive, on a red play, Big O threw a fluke interception off the foot of a receiver into the accepting hands of Brandon Parker (former Big O player) to set the tone of the game. I’m not sure if they were defeated from that play on, or just not in the league of the Champs. I think a little of both actually. The Movement cruised on both sides of the ball to beat up on Big O 35-8. The Movement girls on offense proved to be too much. This collective group had a great day. And not too be shadowed at all, their female defensive krew was flying around making plays all day as well. Big O licks their wounds and will try to regroup for next season, while The Movement goes to their 3rd straight Championship game.

4pm – The Syndicate 29 vs. The Dream Killers 28

I thought the best game of the day would be the Stony vs. DK game. And I was right. This was the second best game of the day. So kudos to the DK team even though they fell short in this one. Losing this game by one should help their confidence during a short off season. As for Syndicate, they find themselves right back where they was during their championship winning season in IAC’s inaugural season. Their defense played well the entire game making plays when they needed them most. And Sunshine carved up the DK defense putting up 4 passing touchdowns. More times than not, conversions can either help or kill you. Syndicate won this battle on Sunday which led them to the close victory. Next up, is a chance to right all the critics and prove they are the best team in the IAC.

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