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Bobby’s World Playoff Preview

Official IAC Final Standing / Pre Season Prediction

  1. The Movement 8-0 7-1

  2. The Syndicate 6-2 7-1

  3. Stony Island Sailors 5-3 4-4

  4. The Big O 5-3 6-2

  5. Sauce 5-3 5-3

  6. The Dream Killers 5-3 6-2

  7. That 1 Team 4-4 5-3

  8. Power 3-5 ???

  9. Sweeney Taud 3-5 1-7

  10. The Town 2-6 3-5

  11. STMO 1-7 0-8

  12. Reign 1-7 1-7

11am - #1 The Movement vs. #8 Power

The Movement will not be taking this game lightly at all. But them losing this game?? You have a better chance hitting the Lottery when you haven’t bought a ticket. (That’s zero chance) Close or by a blowout, I can’t see the champs going down in the first round. Usually when you have the best offense and defense, first rounds are pretty easy wins. But that’s just on paper. Even with a 3-5 record, Power comes in with a lot of confidence. Honestly, there is no other way to play. So for that, I respect. But this should be the pick to click if I ever saw one.

How The Movement wins…..

The Movement biggest strength is their female core on both sides of the ball. If they can punish their matchups, this game can and might get ugly quick. Qb play for them as been top notch all year long with little to no big mistakes from Bobby. If their defense gets them 1-2 stops, look for the Movement second team to finish this game.

How Power wins…..

Qb play is the way Power will be able to overcome some bad defensive play they have had all season long. If Looby is able to get the ball to his play makers and keep points going up on the board, then the game will come down to conversions. And when that happens, it’s anybody’s game. If their defense can get at least one stop, they will have a great chance to pull off the upset.

Prediction: The Movement

12pm - #4 The Big O vs. #5 Sauce

The biggest question mark this week for this match up will be what Sauce team will show up. During their week 1 match up with Stony, they brought their Bad News Bears squad to the field and got smoked. No Nick. No Grady. This week, it looks like much of the same. Simply put, when Nick was the main QB option, they look 10 times better as a unit. And it doesn’t help that they are facing a hungry team in The Big O. They are trying to prove they have what it takes to be one of IAC’s elite teams. They have had up and down moments all season. But with the A2 season all but over. They will have their entire squad willing and ready to shock the world.

How The Big O wins…….

28 is the number. If they score 28 points, I think they win this game. Their offense will have to use their male weapons to score the ball. They will need to hit Sauce for the long ball as well as consistently moving the chains. Their defense has struggled all season long, so they will need to set the tone early to get some momentum. Uncle Wille will need to use his legs more than he probably wants to in order to keep the Sauce defense off balance.

How Sauce wins……

They just have to show up. If a miracle happens and they can field their team with some players that are worth a damn, they will win. It’s that simple. Their only chance of winning in my opinion is if the championship game is canceled in the other league. Good luck with that one.

Prediction: The Big O

1pm - #2 The Syndicate vs. #7 T1T

This game has upset written all over it. Last time we saw Syndicate, they were getting ran up and down the field by the Movement in an embarrassing 31-6 lost. So will we see that team, or a team with something to prove? On the other side, T1T lost to Syndicate in week 6 with the score of 20-14 with a very controversial ending with the refs making some questionable decisions. So in a game where they could have won, T1T will have a lot of confidence. So I’m torn with this game. It will not be a blow out in my opinion, which is the prediction of many. It just depends on who is hungrier.

How The Syndicate wins…….

This one is not too hard. If they play how they are capable of playing, they will win this game with ease. If they contain the running ability of Gene, they will get two or more stops which will equal a blowout victory. Their weakness as a defense is their male defensive backs. If they can hold up coverage for 3 seconds and allow their rush to disrupt the T1T offense, that will be the key to victory.

How T1T wins……

Gene simply has to play out of his mind on Sunday. He is out matched at every position. Beating the #2 team on Sunday will be tough, but not impossible. He doesn’t need to run for 100 yards. But if he can make time for his receivers to get open with his legs, and gain key first downs, they have a real shot for the upset. And of course, if they can get a stop somehow, I like their chances to be in it towards the end.

Prediction: The Syndicate

2pm - #3 Stony Island Sailors vs. #6 The Dream Killers

Even with 3 loses; Stony finds themselves holding the #3 spot in their first IAC season. Congrats….. Your prize is facing The Dream Killers who seem to be finally clicking. DK is very hungry to get a chance at the title they came so close to getting last summer. They will have all of their players which would the first time all season long. This game should be the best game of the day. I’m excited to see who will win this match up. This is anyone’s game.

How Stony wins…..

They have to stay playing great defense. With so many weapons on the DK offense, they have to be able to bend but don’t break. If their defense can set the momentum and control the game, they have a great chance of winning. They also have to get some sort of consistent play from their QB. Playing good defense or not, they will need to score at least 3 times and get conversions on 2 out of 3 of those scores.

How DK wins…..

Their QB play has let them down more times than they would of liked. Saying that, they will need a great performance from their offense. This will be a great opportunity for them to prove their #6 ranking is a fluke. The problem may not come scoring the ball but with getting conversions. They usually have the advantage when it comes to women, but that advantage will not be as glaring against Stony. If the DK women can make plays on both sides of the ball, that will be the key to them moving forward to the final 4.

Prediction: The Dream Killers

IAC Pick Em Challenge…….

The overall winner for our Pick Em Challenge was Gene King from T1T. Congratulations to him, and thanks to everyone who participated all season long.

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