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Bobby’s World Week 8 Who's Hot + Who's Not Edition

11am – Sauce 24 vs. Dream Killers 29

12pm – T1T 30 vs. The Big O 28

1pm – The Syndicate 6 vs. The Movement 31

2pm – STMO 22 vs. The Town 19

3pm – STS 32 vs. Reign 6

4pm – Sailors vs Power (Forfeit)

Who is Hot………

Most Points…..

  1. The Movement 27.6

  2. The Syndicate 24.6

  3. Sauce 23.6

Points Scored Against…..

  1. The Movement 11.7

  2. The Syndicate 14.9

  3. Stony Island 14.1


Dating back from last season, The Movement has won 13 straight games here in the IAC. There is no other hotter team now in all of Chicago. They are number one in both offense and defense, and will most likely finish 8-0 after this coming Sunday. Fresh off a dominating victory over spring champs Syndicate, I don’t think there is a question who is the best team in the league. They are also number one in point differential beating their opponents on an average of a little less than 16 points per game. Bobby has his team ready and focused every game, and damn near every play. Their offense causes problems to any defense with weapons at every position. Their defense however is the fuel that keeps this engine going. Sid is very high on communication and mixing up defenses to keep offenses off guard. You never know what you might see from play to play. And it doesn’t hurt that he has some of the best athletes on that side of the ball as well.

The Dream Killers 5-2

If you saw last week’s performance, you would know why this team is one of the hottest in the IAC. They are finally healthy and able to field a complete team week in and week out. Currently not in the top 3 in either defense or offense, they can get lost in the shuffle. But then you look up 7 weeks into the season, they have the second best record in the IAC. I have been saying this all season long, when they have their full roster, they can beat anyone on any given Sunday. Last year’s MVP Kevin is back to finish the season off, while their inconsistent QB play may have finally been solved with a clutch victory this past Sunday against one of the best team s in the league. On both sides of the ball, they are led by their women. Pound for pound, they have one of the best collective units we have in the league. Their defense is physical and can fly all around the field. Their defense is led by Rob Riley. He is one of the most athletic guys in coed flag football. He will need to also stay hot on both sides of the ball to help DK continue their two game winning streak.

Stony Island Sailors 5-3

Stony has it all. Well, they almost have it all. Just because they are hot, it doesn’t hide the fact that the most important position is their weakest spot. And that is at QB. But good or bad, they have continued to win this season. They are currently on a 3 game winning streak going into the playoffs. They look to have either the 4th or 5th seed. With one of the best defenses in the IAC, they also pack enough offensive power to put up points week in and week out. While throwing isn’t Lane’s strong point, he can sure move his legs to be able to keep defenses off guard. His two way ability is what makes him so dangerous. They also bring one the best lady cores in either league. On both sides of the ball, these women can make a difference in a game.

Who is Not……..

Worst Offense

  1. STMO 10.6

  2. Reign 13.7

  3. The Town 14.4

Worst Defense

  1. Reign 29.3

  2. T1T 25.9

  3. STS 25.4

The Town 1-6

Just when you thought they couldn’t play any worst. The Town lost to STMO last week. At some point in time this season, I think this squad just hit the off switch on caring. They had enough talent to at least finish at .500 with their schedule, however they didn’t have nearly as much talent needed to be successful this season. And they didn’t even have to face Movement, DK, or Stony Island. With all winnable games versus Power, STS, and STMO, they never were able to put full games together. They are currently the 3rd worst offensive team in the league, and they are giving up 23.7 points per game defensively. They are riding a 3 game losing streak with a real great shot of being the worst team in the entire league. Damn that sucks.

That 1 Team 3-4

They won last week by the skin of their teeth. However before that, they were on a 3 game losing streak. They lost to The Town, they barely beat STMO, and they lost 24-0 to Stony Island Sailors. They will make the playoffs, but will be out in the first round. They are playing pretty bad all the way around. No surprise to me or anyone else, they have the 2nd worst defense in the league. T1T has a lot of work to do in the free agent market to get better. They lost one of the most athletic weapons in Ron King, and that lost seemed to kill them and any momentum entering the first week of the season.

Reign 1-7

With their lone win versus STMO, they are again fighting for the title of worst team in the league this Sunday against The Town. Who will prevail?? I take that back, they are the worst team in IAC. They are the 2nd worst scoring team only putting up 14 points per game. They also hold the title for the worst defense in the league giving up 29 points per game. That means they lose on an average of two touchdowns per game. Their QB play is honestly not that bad, but the talent on offense around him is not good at all. They have a few good pieces, but not enough to make a difference each week. This is the 3rd straight season out of 3 that Reign has failed to make the playoffs. I don’t know what the future holds, but I hope they are able to bring in some additional talent.

IAC Pick Em………

  1. Gene 35-9

  2. Bobby 34-10

  3. Ken 34-10

  4. Carlton 33-11

  5. Mike 30-14

  6. J.Knight 30-14

11am – DK vs. Big O

12pm – Reign vs. Town

1pm – Movement vs. STMO

2pm – T1T vs. Power

Gene – DK-Town-Movement-T1T

Bobby – DK-Town-Movement-Power

Ken – DK-Town-Movement-T1T

Carlton – Big O-Reign-Movement-T1T

Mike – Big O-Town-Movement-Power

J.Knight – DK-Town-Movement-T1T

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