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Bobby’s World Week 7

IAC’s Top 10

  1. The Movement 6-0

  2. The Syndicate 6-1

  3. Sauce 5-2

  4. Stony Island Sailors 4-3

  5. The Big O 4-2

  6. The Dream Killers 4-2

  7. Power 3-3

  8. Sweeny Taud 2-5

  9. That One Team 2-4

  10. The Town 1-5

11am – Stony Island Sailors 24 vs. T1T 0

Last week was Gene’s birthday. And his present to IAC was absolutely nothing. He gave us nothing on Sunday. This is why, when the talk around both leagues is around good QB’s, this guy will never be in it. Scoring zero points is pretty damn bad in coed flag football, no matter who the opponent is. Is the Sailors defense good? Yes. But not that damn good. This was a season low for T1T. Time to put the whole team to bed. Start thinking about next season fellas. The gig is up. You are officially in a rebuilding year. Start recruiting yesterday. You might as well pay some forfeit fees for the playoffs. Stony on the other hand, move up in the ranks jumping a few teams this week in my Top 10. Earning the 4th spot this week in the power rankings, they are looking to make a strong playoff push in a few weeks. This week should be interesting going against Power while T1T face The Big O.

12pm – The Syndicate 30 vs. Sauce 21

Syndicate keeps rolling this week against last week’s #2 ranked squad Sauce. This game was a good one until Sauce fell asleep at the wheel on offense. No secret that Nick is the fuel that keeps this engine going at QB. But he wasn’t enough to get past a really good Syndicate squad. They are almost guaranteed to score at least 30 every week, and play pretty good defense along the way. This was exactly what they did on Sunday. A good dose of boring ass football is what you can always expect from this team. I guess winning can get boring at times. Because they also have been doing a lot of that as of late. No days off though, they face the #1 ranked Champs this week at 1pm. This has the look of what should be a championship preview. Only time will tell. Sauce looks to get back in the win column vs. DK. I never know what to expect with both of these teams, but if both full rosters are available. Sauce should pull off the victory.

1pm – The Dream Killers 21 vs. Reign 6

This game came to no surprise to anyone. Anytime Reign steps on the field, you can expect a loss out of them most weeks. This week was no different. DK played fairly well throughout this week’s game. Scoring only 21 against on one of the worst teams in IAC is something to be concerned about. Last year, DK was able to dodge the best two teams to get to the Championship. Let’s call a spade a spade. And with the addition of Sauce and SIS, I don’t think they get out of the first round this spring. They surely will not make it back for another run at the Championship they missed last summer. With so much trash around the bottom feeders of IAC, Reign actually still have playoff hopes if they are able to beat STS this week. For fear of damn near falling asleep at the field, I probably won’t be watching this one. But good luck to you both. ( Kanye Shrug)

2pm – The Big O 29 vs Power 28

The Big O still moving up through the ranks. They stand at 4-2 with high hopes for this season’s playoffs. This week against Power, they had to give everything they had to pull off the victory. When you’re playing teams just as good as or better than you, conversions is always the key factor in coming out on top. Big O proved this Sunday that they were up to the task. Average at best was The Big O’s offense throughout this season. But putting up nearly 30 will heal all wounds. Their defense for whatever reason failed to show up giving up 28 to a team that didn’t score last week. Big O still has a lot of room for improvement entering the playoffs. Power takes another tough lost. Currently sitting at .500, they will for sure make the playoffs. But it will most likely be an early first round exit. They did get their offensive woes out of the way scoring28, but that defense is trash bag worthy. Both teams have tough match ups this week coming up, and will need wins to move up in the playoff standings.

3pm – The Town 15 vs. STS 20

The Town came in after a tough lost down the stretch to Power last week. This past Sunday, they should have had a chip on their shoulder to beat STS. A team with decent talent, and is probably the team they will be fighting for the last playoff spot. However, they came out a little flat. They only scored 2 touchdowns and wasn’t able to get key stops on defense when they needed it. STS on the other hand did just enough to come out on top and move closer to making their first playoffs in a year and a half. QB play and having an successfully running game was how they were able to beat The Town. STS all but locks up a playoff berth with a win against Reign this coming Sunday. And if they plan to make any noise during the post season, they better be able to handle Reign easily. The Town maybe out of luck, and in danger of missing the playoffs in the first time since they put this team together. Have to give respect where respect is due. They have been a top team for years back. This might be the beginning of the end. I hope not. They do however have a great chance at victory versus the winless STMO team this coming Sunday.

IAC Pick Em Standings………

  1. Bobby’s World 31-7

  2. Gene 31-7

  3. Ken 31-7

  4. Carlton 30-8

  5. Mike 28-10

  6. J. Knight 27-11

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