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Bobby’s World Week 6 Recap

IAC Top 10

1. The Movement 6-0

2. Sauce 5-1

3. The Syndicate 5-1

If one of these 3 teams does not win this spring season’s championship, then my name ain’t Bobby. It’s not a secret to the recipe of being good in this league. So let’s go down the list….. All three teams have great QB play. 3 proven guys that have championship experience and can carry their ball klubs. All 3 teams have some of the best females on both sides of the ball in either league. And finally, all 3 teams can get you 1-2 stops every single game. Mark my words, two of these teams will be playing for it all this season.

4. Stony Island Sailors 3-3

5. The Big O 3-2

6. Dream Killers 3-2

7. T1T 2-3

These are what I like to call our B level teams. You have heard me say this before. They will lose 2-3 games each year. Beat up on the terrible teams, upset maybe one of the top tier teams, but honestly don’t have any chance of winning it all. Decent at best QB play, a few good girls, and average defenses. I would say DK and The Sailors actually have pretty good defense, but will find it hard to make key stops versus the top teams. These teams will say different, but the proof is in the pudding. Look at their wins and losses after the season.

8. Power 3-2

9. The Town 1-4

10.Reign 1-4

These teams are in the pit. Guaranteed wins for damn near every team above them. Power, talent wise is the only team out of these 3 I thought about calling a B level squad, but I have not seen enough yet. These teams have absolutely terrible QB’s that couldn’t throw their way out of a wet paper bag. Most good girls that play in either league are all taken by the teams above, and the few left that are good aren’t enough to make a difference on their ball klubs. And we not even gone talk defense… LOL!!! These are the teams you look for glorified scrimmages to prepare you for the real games played in the playoffs.

11am – Reign 32 vs. STMO 14 (Game of The Week)

This was the game these two teams have been looking forward to all year long. The chance to win their first and probably only game. Everyone in the Bobby’s World Pick Em challenge chose Reign to be the victor after everything was said and done. And we were all right. This game was an easy win for the team in blue and white. And in doing so, they put up 32 points. It was a great win for them. They played well on both sides of the ball. They face a struggling DK team next week. I hope they can build from this win. STMO on the other hand…. They are who we thought they were. Just terrible. Sorry not sorry. Good luck in the off season guys. Word to the wise, go outside of both leagues and grab you some talent to help next season. AND DO IT YESTERDAY!!!!

12PM – The Big O 6 vs. Stony Island Sailors 13

Warming up before the game, an unknown source on Big O asked me why I always pick against them. I said I didn’t, but playing both teams this season already. I thought The Sailors had a little more to pull out the victory. And like most times, I was right again. Big O could not get any offense going on Sunday while Stony had just enough tricks up their sleeve to put two scores on the board. Most weeks, that won’t be enough to win, but their defense held strong all day. Big O will have to find some ways to put up some scores to be more competitive these last few weeks. They face Power next week and should be able to right the ship. Stony plays T1T next week and also should be able to get the win. So happy times are ahead for both squads.

1pm – The Movement 20 vs. Dream Killers 6

Remember me talking about QB play? That’s exactly what DK lacked on Sunday. They finished the game allowing a female QB to throw the last few balls for crying out loud. Just sad actually. A game built as the unofficial Game of The Week was damn near over at half. It was the Movement’s defense that was the star of the day collecting 3 interceptions. The rain slowed down both offenses, but 13 unanswered points before the half swung the momentum to The Movement where it stayed throughout the second half. A lot of Facebook trash talk the morning of by one or two DK members was motivation for The Movement to handle business in-between the lines. Next week DK hopes to get the ball into the end zone more than once against Reign which should be fairly easy. The Movement face their toughest opponent this year in two weeks’ time vs. The Syndicate. Get ya popcorn ready!!!!

2pm – The Town 14 vs. Power 18

So I’m sitting in my living room watching the previous week’s Game of The Week video. And after their first win of the season, smh, a certain QB for the Town had a few shot outs for me. Not one, but 2…. Not positive to why. But let me return the favor. Shot out to you Zo. Shot out to you absolutely single handedly smoking any chance of the Town winning on Sunday. Not a lot of happy campers on The Town sideline after the game. For those who missed it, The Town had the lead with less than 2 minutes in the game with the ball in mid field. The smart thing to do would be to run the ball, make Power use their timeouts, then punt leaving them with less than 20 seconds to drive the length of the field and score. But this guy throws over the middle of the field into accepting hands of a Power defender. Power, with all momentum scored to take the lead and later the win. Getting the ball back with a chance to redeem their self, bad clock management was the end all to be all for the Evanston squad. Oddly enough, The Town are favorites this week vs. STS while Power look for their second win in a row against The Big O.

3pm – STS 6 vs. Sauce 36

Another game that was over before it finished. Just not a lot to say about this game. A good team faced a bad team, and the score showed just that. So let’s talk about the race for best record in IAC. After an easy day at the job, Sauce will face Syndicate next week for their divisional title. The winner of this games most likely locks up the first or second seed in the playoffs. Movement sits undefeated at 6-0. But a loss to Syndicate next week could shake everything up. Sauce’s only blemish came in week one against Stony when they had a fraction of their team there. However with that loss behind them, they have quickly become one of IAC’s teams to beat. STS battles The Town next week. This should be an easy win for the Town, but no win is easy these days for them. Oddly enough, the 8th spot in this spring’s playoffs is still open, so this game will be very important for the chance to lose in the first round. LOL!!!

4pm – T1T 14 vs. The Syndicate 20

In my opinion, the 4pm game should always be the real game of the week. And after everything was all said and done, that is exactly what we had. This game went down to the wire. Syndicate honestly controlled the game most of the way but let T1T hang around too long. And it almost bit them in the ass. Tracy will hate this, but it’s true. Referees had a lot to do with the end result to this great battle. And that should never be the case. With the game all but locked up, The best but maybe not really the best Qb in the land threw an almost costly interception deep in the T1T red zone. The best worst QB in the land Gene, for one play put the team on his back with a clutch pick near the end zone to give his team a shot for the win. Now whether they had the worst clock management, or the refs miscalculated their timeouts. I have no idea. But in the end, the clock struck double zero when Gene ran for a first down in the Syndicate red zone thinking they had one last timeout left. The refs said they didn’t , and that was all she wrote. Game, set, match. No weeks off, T1T face a strong Sailors team this Sunday. Syndicate face their toughest opponent thus far against Sauce.

IAC Pick Em……….

  1. Bobby – 28-5

  2. Gene – 28-5

  3. Ken – 27-6

  4. Mike – 25-8

  5. J.Knight – 25-8

  6. Carlton – 25-8

Sailors vs. T1T

Syndicate vs. Sauce

DK vs. Reign

Big O vs. Power

Town vs. STS

Bobby – Sailors – Sauce – DK – Big O – Town

Gene – T1T – Syndicate – DK – Power – STS

Ken – Sailors – Syndicate – DK – Big O – Town

Mike – T1T – Syndicate – DK – Big O – Town

J.Knight – Sailors – Sauce – DK – Big O – Town

Carlton – Sailors – Syndicate – DK – Big O - STS

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