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Bobby’s World Week 5 Recap

IAC Top 10

  1. The Movement 5-0

  2. Sauce 4-1

  3. The Syndicate 4-1

  4. The Big O 3-1

  5. Dream Killers 3-1

  6. Stony Island Sailors 2-3

  7. That 1 Team 2-2

  8. Power 2-2

  9. The Town 1-3

  10. Sweeney Taud 1-3

11am – STMO 6 vs. Syndicate 38

I think Syndicate had a long Saturday night. They came to the field with the lowest numbers I have seen them ever play with. I guess they thought this was a sure win for them. Apparently, they were correct. I for one can’t wait until the playoffs where hopefully we can see this full roster and what they can do. But for now, they seem to just be going through the motions until the post season. Turning it on and off may prove costly, but we have to wait until the playoffs to see. It seemed that STMO was out partying too with their low player count at the beginning of this game. 7 or 27 people, they probably were going to lose anyway. The good news is, their best chance at getting into the win column comes this Sunday versus Reign. The battle for the worst team in IAC flag football is on the line at 11am sharp. I think Reign will prevail, but it will probably be a close one. Syndicate faces T1T next week which should be a good game depending on who actually shows up on either side.

12pm – The Big O 41 vs. Reign 6

What a way to say HERE I AM IAC!!!! Hey listen, no one actually thought that Reign was going to win. But putting up 41 is putting up 41. Great day for The Big O which landed them at the #4 spot in Bobby’s World Top 10. Up three spots from last week, they breezed through this game playing lights out from start to finish on both sides of the ball. Mr Q himself Mike Singleton has this team looking great at 3-1. Their only lone loss came in week 2 versus the Champs. Big O faces a hungry Sailor team next week at

12pm. Gut check time for both ball klubs. I think this game will tell you a lot about these team’s playoff hopes and dreams. Reign on the other hand had a hard time moving the ball. They were only able to crack the end zone once on Sunday. As bad as their season is going, they have a chance to get their first win of the year against STMO. I think they pull it off, but I have seen stranger things.

1pm – (Game of The Week) The Town 29 vs. T1T 20

Well well well, they are who we thought they were. After a promising season last summer, T1T had all the confidence in the world this spring. Only to start off 2-2, and losing this week to the winless Town. With Syndicate and Sailors coming in back to back weeks, 2-4 looks pretty close to what their record will be after those games. The Town offense has been playing piss poor, but they got a boost from Bryson this week coming back from being fat… LOL!!! But I guess his quiet leadership was what the doctor ordered. It probably helped that T1T couldn’t stop a runny nose with 5 paper towels and a sponge. I mean their defense has been consistently terrible since they put this team together. Nevertheless, their offense has always picked them up. But not on Sunday. They fell short on a few key crucial drives that ultimately sealed their fate. The Town looks to make it two in a row versus Power, while T1T will be praying for an upset against the #3 ranked Syndicate team. I predict Power in a close one, while T1T will most likely drop their second straight game in a row.

2pm – Dream Killers 28 vs. STS 20

Even at 3-1, DK looks like a shell of their selves last season. Being a QB myself, I think the best teams have the best quarterbacks. And there has been no consistent play at this position for The Dream Killers. Reason number 132 why I think they lose this week versus The Movement. (No Surprise there) Only time will tell to see if they can pull it all together for the upset victory next week. As bad as I may think they are or look, 3-1 is still very respectable, and they have a chance to put themselves in the driver seat for the divisional title with a win on Sunday. STS on the other hand didn’t look bad at all. They are simply a good team that can’t match up talent wise with the better teams. They have been in there most games this year and continue to play well although in defeat. This week they play Sauce which should be a decent game. But of course, I’m picking the cooking team of Sauce.

3pm – Sailors 12 vs. The Movement 16

This had a playoff game atmosphere which should have been week 4’s Game of The Week. In a game where both defenses played well and both offenses played well. One mistake outweighed another which cost Stony any chance at victory on Sunday. With the score at 16-12, The Movement could have closed things out with the ball midway through the start of the second half. However, my dumb ass threw a pick to give the Sailors a chance. However with 3 minutes left in the game, 4th down, Big Kool, aka, Desroy dropped the go ahead score in the end zone. A few key first downs later, and the clock hit double zero with the Movement on top. Attitudes flared up towards the end of the game when some guy with dread hit the ground twice by the guy with the curls for the girls…. LOL!!! But in the end, all was well, both guys shook hands and maybe a rivalry has begun. The Movement are excited to face the same team they beat for it all in the Summer of 2017, while The Stony Island Sailors have a tough match up against The Big O. Now having played both teams, I think The Sailors have the very slight edge. But this game can go either way.

4pm – Power 2 vs. Sauce 12

When I tell you, I literally had more than 5 people from Power come to me this week and say… “Put some Respek on my name!!” Saying they want me to start giving them more props in Bobby’s World. Well I hope ya’ll read this week. Cause that shit ain’t happening. You bums didn’t even touch the end zone. So no respect this week or any week after. SMH!!!! Sauce probably would have scored more if they didn’t play with 12 Qb’s. Their offense looked all but average on Sunday only scoring twice with no conversations. But apparently their defense will hold them down for the rest of the year. As terrible as I think Power is, they do have some good weapons on O. So holding them scoreless is no small task. This week coming up, Sauce plays STS which should be an easy one. Even if they go through the motions again, they will still probably end up with the victory. Power face a motivated Town team fresh off their first win. This game should be a good one. But if I was a betting man, I think Power will get back in the win column.

IAC Pick Em………

  1. Ken – 24-3

  2. Gene – 23-4

  3. Bobby – 22-5

  4. Mike – 22-5

  5. J.Knight – 20-7

  6. Carlton – 20-7

Reign vs. STMO

The Big O vs. Stony Island Sailors

The Movement vs. Dream Killers

The Town vs. Power

Sweeney Taud vs. Sauce

That 1 Team vs. The Syndicate

Ken – Reign – Big O – DK – Town – Sauce – Syndicate

Gene – Reign – Sailors – Movement – Power – Sauce – T1T

Bobby – Reign – Sailors – Movement – Power – Sauce – Syndicate

Mike – Reign – Big O – DK – Town – Sauce – Syndicate

J.Knight – Reign – Sailors – Movement – Town – Sauce - Syndicate

Carlton – Reign – Big O – Movement – Power – Sauce - Syndicate

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