Bobby's World Week 4 Recap

IAC Top 10….

  1. The Movement 4-0

  2. Sauce 3-1

  3. The Syndicate 3-1

  4. Dream Killers 2-2

  5. Stony Island Sailors 2-1

  6. That 1 Team 2-1

  7. The Big O 2-1

  8. Power 2-1

  9. Sweeny Taud 1-3

  10. STMO 0-4

11am – Sauce 28 vs. The Town 12

No surprise here. Sauce cruised to an easy victory over the winless Town. As long as Chef Grady stays on the defensive side of the ball, this team looks to go pretty far in this season’s playoffs. Coupled with a solid defensive performance, Sauce’s offense moved the ball at eaze up and down the field on Sunday. Riding a 3 game winning streak now, they look to make it 4 next week against Power. Assuming we see a full Sauce line up, this should be another easy victory for them. The Town are currently in unchartered territory winless at 0-3. Sad to say, they are looking like the team you circle on the calendar that you know you will beat. They face T1T next week and will most likely leave the field 0-4 with little to no hope of making the playoffs. Their defense looked bad on Sunday and their offense looked worst. Maybe they are missing players…. I hope so, because this is honestly hard to watch week in and week out.

12pm – The Syndicate 6 vs. The Big O 7

The Syndicate only drops 1 spot after this lost while The Big O stays put at #7. Why you ask??? The Big O looked absolutely terrible in victory. Their offense scored only once while their defense was only saved by the absence of Sunshine, IAC’s top rated Qb. Which brings up concerns for The Syndicate. I mean it’s only natural that your offense takes a hit with your starting QB gone. But they looked absolutely like trash without him. They look like trash and they loss. If they were able to come away with the victory, maybe all would be forgiven. The Big O get no brownie points with the victory because outside of putting up 26 against the winless Town, they have scored only 1 touchdown in each of their two games. Big Willie looked like he may have lost his magic of last season. Neither team plays anyone worth writing about on Sunday, so I won’t. We will have to wait a few weeks to see if both teams can right the ship and finish the season off strong.

1pm – STMO 20 vs. T1T 25

T1T drops to #6 because they looked average as hell versus STMO. I will admit, STMO looks better than last season for sure. But it’s still STMO. Which means a win for most teams when they face them. T1T is considered a championship caliber team, they should have handled them way easier than they did. Well, championship caliber only in their group me. (Kanye Shrug)….. There defense looked terrible as most any other week or any other season. STMO is praying Sunshine misses another week next Sunday for their match up against Syndicate, while T1T will probably get their 3rd victory of the season against The Town.

2pm – STS 26 vs. The Movement 40

Offensively, STS looked pretty good. A few haymakers caught The Movement off guard for sure. They are having an up and down season so far and will need to get some consistency if they want to grab one of the last playoff spots. 8 pts week one, 32pts week two, 6 pts week 3, and then 26 pts on Sunday. You never know what offense you’re going to see. However their defense is consistently trash. Take away the STMO win, they are giving up an average of 37 points in three losses. The Movement on the other hand stands as the only undefeated team left in the IAC at 4-0. People hate it, but the cream always rises to the top. After last season’s hot steak, they have now won 13 games in a row. Say what you want, that is something to be proud of. They face Stony Island Sailors which will be this week’s unofficial Game of The Week. On paper, this will be The Movement’s first big test, and bottles are on the line. But in reality, their win streak keeps going after this Sunday.

3pm – Reign 14 vs. Stony Island Sailors 44

This game wasn’t a game. It was a glorified scrimmage. Stony Island Sailors had their way with Reign from start to finish. I always give their QB shit, cause he can’t throw a spiral. So he decided to run some run option plays… LOL!! You have got to be kidding me. Nevertheless, a win is what they wanted and a win is what they got. However, I did predict them to be a middle of the road team here at IAC. In order to prove me wrong, a victory this week against Movement is a must. A loss would be a gut check giving them an 0-3 record versus teams with actually championship hopes. I’m still not counting week one’s win over the bad news bears version of Sauce. Reign on the other hand are right where I thought they would be as well. And that’s with zero wins. The good news is they play STMO in 2 weeks. The bad news is, they will be 0-4 when they do. Unless they can upset The Big O.

4pm – Power 20 vs. Dream Killers 12

I hope we don’t have any QB controversy. But DK are 2-0 when playing back up Qb’s, and now 0-1 with their championship QB of last year. The Dream Killer team was a little short handed to say the least. But they had enough fire power to come away with the win. They just didn’t play well enough. I still think they have enough to make a strong playoff push, but this had to hurt losing this early in the season. Dream Killers have a bit of a cake walk next week versus STS, while Power faces a Sauce team riding a 3 game winning streak. Power looked strong beating DK last week. With strong athletes all over the field, they are now sitting at 2-1 and a chance to prove themselves this coming Sunday. I don’t think they have a chance, but that’s why the games are played.

IAC Pick Em…….

  1. Ken – 19-2

  2. Gene – 18-3

  3. Bobby – 17-4

  4. Mike – 17-4

  5. J. Knight – 15-6

  6. Carlton – 15-6

Stmo vs. Syndicate

Big O vs. Reign

The Town vs. T1T

Dream Killers vs. STS

Sailors vs. The Movement

Power vs. Sauce

Ken – Syndicate – Big O – T1T – DK – Movement – Sauce

Gene – Syndicate – Big O – T1T – DK – Movement – Sauce

Bobby – Syndicate – Big O – T1T – DK – Movement – Sauce

Mike – Syndicate – Big O – Town – DK – Movement – Power

J.Knight – Syndicate – Big O – T1T – DK – Movement – Sauce

Carlton – Syndicate – Big O – T1T – DK – Movement - Sauce