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Bobby's World Week Four

IAC’s Top 10

  1. The Movement

  2. The Syndicate

  3. Dream Killers

  4. Sauce

  5. T1T

  6. Stony Island Sailors

  7. The Big O

  8. Sweeney Taud

  9. Power

  10. The Town

Sunday, May 27th Predictions

11am – # 4 Sauce vs. # 10 Town

I said that Sauce would move up the ranks, and here they are 2 spots sitting at the #4 spot. A rocky 1st game with their 3rd string Qb in had them fall a bit in the Top 10, but they have comeback playing well in this first part of the season. Last week, they did a number on T1T. From what I was told, the score didn’t fully show the dominant performance of the new Sauce team. This Sunday, they look to send The Town on a 0-3 start. The Town comes in scoring 6 pts per game giving up almost 30. Got damn that’s bad. In a league up North, they might look like All-Stars. But here in IAC, it’s not looking good for the team from Evanston. I think their light skin powers have finally faded away. With a full roster, I don’t think this game will be close. Sauce beats up on The Town and will win by 2 scores.

Prediction: Sauce wins 28-13

12pm - # 2 The Syndicate vs. #7 The Big O

If Big O can actually show up this Sunday and play Syndicate well, this is my Game of the Week by far. I can see this game getting ugly for Big O going against one of the best teams in the league. I can also see The Big O pulling off the upset. It will all depend on what Big O team will show up. The Syndicate will be The Syndicate. The team everyone loves to fall asleep watching. All management is over 46 years of age, and it shows in their play. They are just f#cking boring to watch… LOL!! Nevertheless, they will win this game. I’m not positive on if it will be a blow out or not, but they will win for sure. Sunshine will have the game plan ready to execute, while Big O will come thinking they are prepared. But my guess they get punched in the mouth early and will not recover.

Prediction: The Syndicate wins 32-20

1pm – STMO vs. #5 T1T

June 10th…. STMO vs. Reign – This is the one game STMO has a chance to win. So mark it on your calendar if it ain’t already circled and highlighted. But as for now, this will be another losing week. Followed by another. Good news is it will be hot and sunny on Sunday. Get the grills out, bring some coolers filled with meat, ice, drinks, and don’t forget dessert. I need STMO to experience what IAC has to offer. As for the game, T1T will have their way this Sunday. The best worst Qb in all the land was looking pretty average last week. Lucky for them, average will be all they need to get the victory this week. This defense I was hearing about in the offseason is looking real terrible. They took some bumps and bruises last week against Sauce. So this win is something T1T can build on to carry them to the second half of the season.

Prediction: T1T wins 38 – 6

2pm – #8 STS vs. # 1 The Movement

News flash people…. This game is over already. Movement wins. We just have to figure out the score. Movement fresh off a big victory last week with back up QB Mayo, they look to stay hot versus STS. The 21-8 beat down over Power came because of a stingy Movement defense. Blake subbed in at QB and was able to spread the ball out on his way to throwing 3 touchdowns. Honestly, the talent comparison isn’t even close in this one. I would be surprised if they don’t win by more than 3 scores. STS is also coming off a big win…. Over STMO. LOL!! Yeah, that’s not a big win at all. They stink. Movement doesn’t. This game will be over quick. If STS has what it takes to shock the world, they will have to play mistake free football.

Prediction: Movement wins 39-19

3pm – Reign vs. #6 Stony Island Sailors

Stony comes in this week riding a 2 game losing streak. So they will be excited to get back to .500 football and in the championship hunt. A lot was said about the ladies of Stony pre-season. I have not seen much from them yet. Overrated??? I don’t think so. I look for them to have a break out game this week against unranked Reign. Reign is in a heated battle for the worst team in IAC. They’re neck and neck with STMO. Surprising, being they are one of the oldest ran programs that south side fag football has to offer. Both teams come into Sunday’s game with less than average talent at the QB spot. So who ever makes the biggest mistake, will probably cause their team to lose.

Prediction: Stony Island Sailors wins 29-21

GAME OF THE WEEK 4pm - # 9 Power vs. #3Dream Killers

I will be front row for this game. Drink in hand. Chicken wing in my other hand. And ready to watch the most boring Game of The Week match up this season thus far. Power failed to stop Movement last week with their back up QB in. And Dream Killer has 13 back up Qb’s. Do you see a pattern? This game might be early quick. Dream Killers, depending on who shows up Sunday has too much for IAC’s newest team Power. With an athlete here and there, they won’t have enough to beat IAC 3rd ranked ball club. I look for the DK defense to dominate for most of the game and stay undefeated. Power will have a few plays that will excite the crowd. But I will be surprised if they can consistently move up and down the field and put up numbers.

Prediction: Dream Killers win 26 – 18

IAC Pick Em………

  1. Ken – 15-0

  2. Bobby’s World 13-2

  3. Gene – 13-2

  4. Mike – 12-3

  5. J. Knight – 11-4

  6. Carlton – 10-5

Ken – Sauce – Syndicate – T1T – Sailors – Movement - DK

Bobby – Sauce – Syndicate – Sailors – Movement - DK

Gene – Sauce –Syndicate – T1T – Sailors – Movement - Power

Mike - Sauce –Big O – T1T – Sailors – Movement - DK

J. Knight – Sauce – Syndicate – T1T – Sailors – Movement - DK

Carlton –Sauce – Syndicate – T1T – Sailors – Movement - Power

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