Bobby's World IAC Top 10 Edition

Bobby’s World…… IAC Top 10 Ranking

A lot of talk around the league about the IAC top 10 ranking. So who better to give you guys a 100% unbiased OFFICIAL Top 10 ranking than me? So buckle up, and get the real here in this week’s Bobby’s World. And remember, if you’re not where you think you’re supposed to be..Play better!! (Kanye Shrug)

Pre-Season Ranking

  1. The Movement

  2. The Syndicate

  3. Dream Killers

  4. Big O

  5. Sauce

  6. T1T

  7. Stoney Island Sailors

  8. The Town

  9. Reign

  10. STMO

Current Top 10 Ranking

1. The Movement 2-0

The Movement comes into week 3 looking just as strong as I thought they would look around this time. And with a few new pieces slowly getting used to playing with each other, sky is the limit for this ball club. With a strong performance against Reign in week 1, they beat the preseason’s 4th ranked team Big O by an even larger margin. Their offense looks to have deep threats as well as possession receivers to move up and down the field at will. Averaging 33 points per game, they are every defenses nightmare. Their defense is just as good giving up a stingy 12 points per game.

2. The Syndicate 2-0

The Syndicate looks just as strong as IAC’s number 1 ranked team, and in some circles, even better. They are averaging 33 points per game and have too many weapons to name on O. With go getters on offense, both male and female, this ball club can score with the best of them. Their defense is also playing well giving up only 10 points per game. They have their first big test this season coming into this week versus the Sailors. After playing The Town (Pre-Season Ranked #8) and STS (Not Ranked in the Pre-Season), they only did what they were supposed to do.

3. Dream Killers 2-0

With no consistent QB play, sometimes you don’t know what you will get from this ball club. But maybe that is a testament on how good this team truly is. 2 weeks, 2 different Qb’s, 2 victories. In doing so, their offense looked good, not bad, but definitely not as explosive as last season’s team. They beat a pretty good team in week 2 versus The Stoney Island Sailors, and are currently 2-o on the season. Their defense was a big reason I have them ranked so high this year, and they have not disappointed thus far. They have the capability to stop anyone on any given drive.

4. T1T 1-0

T1T comes in as my #4 team only by default. Given up 32 to STS isn’t exactly turning heads over here. This team is IAC’s version of the Cleveland Cavaliers, all offense and little to no defense. They can score with any team in the league. But running plays drawn in the sand is this team’s Achilles heel. But one thing is for sure, they are worth the price of admission. They are exciting to watch. You might see one play where they score on an 80 yard touchdown. And then the next play they will give up a 60 yard score. If they can find some defense this season when it counts, they can move into the category of elite teams in IAC.

5. Stoney Island Sailors 1-1

I’m waiting to see some consistent play from this ball club. This is another middle of the road team that will play better teams very well and lose. And then beat up on teams not so good. I predict more of the same from this squad all year long. It’s very early, so time will tell. However in two games, they played a Sauce ball club that looked like the Bad News Bears with 3rd stringers playing both sides of the ball. And then loss a close one to DK with their 3rd string QB in. One bright note, their defense does look strong. That will have to carry them all season long because their QB can barely throw a spiral.

6. Sauce 1-1

With good talent on both sides of the ball, this is the team that I think that can possibly make noise come playoff time. But that all depends on who is throwing that ball. They have one QB that is known to be a choke artist. They also have another QB that is known to be pretty clutch when it counts most. Their offense is the key to success, because their defense just doesn’t have enough to stop any of the league’s elite offenses. A lot of bark with little bite is what their defense is known for. But if they can play smart and score like I think they can, they should be able to move through the ranks.

7. Power 1-0

Power is honestly a team full of nobodies. And I say that in the nicest way possible. But I only say that because they entered the league in the midnight hour…... Literally … And I was unable to watch their first game. So I have no clue who is on their team. All I know is a 7 point win over Reign isn’t exactly getting me excited about their hopes to beat anyone good. This week will be a great test for Power facing the Champs. I’m not exactly sure how they will hold up, but I’m hoping for an exciting game. This is another team ranked here only by default.

8. Big O 0-1

With only one game under their belt to judge Big O, they fell 4 spots to number 8. I think I drank the early Kool-Aid I was sold in the pre-season. I had conversations that they added both key offensive pieces and defensive pieces. And they all must have been gone fishing during their first meeting with The Movement. Because they only scored 6 points and gave up 33. For their sake, I just hope they were missing half the team. I doubt it, but a man can hope. They again look to be another team that will give you an upset or two during the regular season. But will probably see an early playoff exit during the post season.

9. The Town 0-1

If I could put this team lower I would. But the truth is the teams below them are even worst. Simply put, The Town are a shell of their selves these days. Their tough hard nose defense was something they could always fall back on, and that has even gone away. Tough to win games when you can’t score or stop anyone. The season is very early with their only loss to a really good Syndicate team 32-12. A lot will be told when they face The Big O this week. If they can win this game, I might have them squeaking into the playoffs.

10. Reign 0-2

Coming in our last spot is Reign. Although they are 0-2, they played fairly well in their two losses this season. Probably well enough to be ranked #9. However with two losses, this is as high as I can put them this early in the season. Talent throughout their lineup is their worst enemy. Their offense is not good enough to score 3 touchdowns consistently and their defense is just flat out not really good. So they will give up 3-5 scores every game this season on average. This honestly is not a good recipe for winning in the IAC.

IAC Pick Em…

  1. Ken 10-0

  2. Bobby’s World 9-1

  3. Gene 9-1

  4. J. Knight 8-2

  5. Mike 8-2

  6. Carlton 7-3

Dream Killers vs. Reign

Syndicate vs. Sailors

Big O vs. Town

Sauce vs. T1T


Power vs. Movement

Bobby DK – Syndicate – Big O – T1T – STS – Movement

Ken DK – Syndicate – Big O – Sauce – STS - Movement

Gene DK – Syndicate- Big O- T1T- STS- Movement

J. Knight DK- Syndicate- Big O- T1t- STMO- Movement

Mike DK- Syndicate- Big O- Sauce- STS- Power

Carlton DK- Syndicate – Town- Sauce- STS- Movement