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Week One Recap & Scores

Week 1 Recap & Scores

11am – GAME OF THE WEEK: Sailors 38 vs. Sauce 12

Game of the week?? This was not. I got up early for no reason on earth. As soon as I walked up to the Sauce sideline and saw nobody that could throw a spiral. I knew this was gone be a long day for them. And by the score, I was right. This game was over damn near before it began. Martell came a tad bit late, probably a tad bit nice from a cocktail or two. And he was the QB. LOL!! Let’s cut to the chase. No one wants to hear excuses about who was there or who was not. And to Sauce’s credit, not too many excuses were made. So only time will tell what exactly this team will show throughout the season. As for Stony Island, what can I say? They look impressive against Sauce’s JV team. So I will need a little more than Sunday to give them a true grade. But it sounds like Angel has been reading Bobby’s World. Post-game interview had her bragging about the win and her not being a focal point in the victory. Basically saying they have a lot more talent on the team than what Bobby’s World spoke to last week. Well news flash, I’m 37 years old. And with ¾ of your team still getting carded to get into a club, I don’t know your team. But with all the trash talking the team made after the win, I’ll be watching a little more closely. This week has Sauce facing STMO. Their JV’s JV team should be able to beat them. So 1-1 ain’t bad to start the season off. As for The Sailors, they play DK next week. Beating IAC’s 3rd ranked team will definitely turn heads and gain respect from me. A loss has you right where I thought you would be. Good luck young bucks…..

12pm – Dream Killers 20 vs. STMO 0

STMO got shut out. Tell me something new. I think they had a new QB. Honestly, I could barely stay awake. I was very disappointed that STMO wasn’t partying. They didn’t even have music going. They were lame as hell. I told ya’ll to be number one at kickin it. Do better next week. On a serious note, Prayers go out to Miss Nadia on a quick recovery. She took a huge blow that caused a concussion. So get better soon. Back to football, DK looked like they were in mid-season form with the shut out. The round mound of the town Dedrick Dewalt got the early season start at QB. A surprise to me, but Coach Ken always has a trick or two up his BBQ-ing sleeve. LOL!!! Overall, Dedrick looked to fit right in with this veteran ball club. JP was out of town probably throwing interceptions. He looks to be back very soon to get DK back to the promise land. Having a clutch back up can only help Dream Killers once the playoffs start. STMO is hoping Sauce comes in next week with the same lack luster performance as Sunday. Probably won’t matter much though. As for DK, they face an early season challenge in Stoney Island Sailors. Fresh off a great Game of the Week win last week, they will be ready to go on Sunday. This game should be a good one.

1pm – The Movement 32 vs. Reign 18

Movement came in looking like the Champs they are. This was a mid-season form performance from them. The Movement offense scored 2 times in 3 plays to start the game off in the first half. They moved the ball up and down the field at will on Sunday. Bobby spread the ball all over the field hitting multiple receivers with long and short balls. If this offense looks anything like this throughout the season, they will be extremely hard to beat. Reign did more of the same actually. They scored 3 times to put up 18 points. However 3 turnovers were too much for them to overcome. Hard to beat anyone in this league turning the ball over like that. Their defense needs to go back to the drawing board though. As for the Movement defense, giving up 18 was a bit of a concern, but they will live with it picking the ball off like they did on Sunday. Like every game this week, this one was over before it started. Next up for Reign is the new team Power. If they can move the ball like they did Sunday, they have a chance. Not a great one, but a chance nevertheless. The Movement faces a final four team in Big O. I have them ranked high at #4 for a reason. This will be a good test for the Champs. But the end result will be much of the same.

2pm – STS 8 vs. Syndicate 34

Good news STS. At least you scored. (Kanye Shrug) There was little to no challenge for The Syndicate this past Sunday. The race for no wins has officially begun. STS came in with high hopes only to get trashed from beginning to end. Sunshine had the offense moving and grooving from the start. He was able to hit multiple receivers all day and looked good in doing so. The Syndicate defense had no problems as well. Pitching a near shut out, they look dominate all the way through. STS has a long season ahead of them if they can’t score points in this league. Co-ed flag football is an offensive sport. So scoring only 8 points will have to increase if they want to win a game or two. STS has another uphill battle next week against a well-rested T1T team. It’s their first game, and they look to have something to prove. As for Syndicate, they face a veteran Town team next week. Known for an upset or two, The Town won’t be a push over.

IAC Pick Em….

  1. Ken (DK) 4-0

  2. Gene (T1T) 4-0

  3. Mike (Big O) 4-0

  4. Bobby’s World 3-1

  5. Carlton (Town) 3-1

  6. J.Knight (Syndicate) 3-1

Sauce vs. STMO

The Movement vs. The Big O

The Town vs. The Syndicate

Dream Killers vs. Sailors

T1T vs. STS

Reign vs. Power

Bobby’s World -- Sauce --Movement – Syndicate – DK –T1T –Power

Ken – Sauce – Movement – Syndicate – DK -- T1T -- Power

Gene – Sauce – Movement – Syndicate – DK – T1T – Reign

Mike – Sauce – Big O – Syndicate – Sailors –T1T – Power

Carlton – Sauce – Movement – Town – Sailors – T1T – Power

J. Knight – Sauce – Movement – Syndicate – DK – T1T -- Reign

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