Bobby's World IAC 2018 Pre-Season

Guess who is Bizz-ack?? IAC is back for their third Co-ed Flag Football Season. And yours truly brings you what you need to know about the league in my own way. If you just crawled from up under a rock, my name is Bobby, aka Sweet Hair, aka Lightening Molasses, aka 4x MVP. But this year, just call me Champ!! As always, I’m the person who cares less about your feelings but more about entertaining the masses. So tune into Bobby’s World every week to see who’s hot and who is not. And please remember. DON’T ARGUE WITH ME. I’M ALWAYS RIGHT!!!

Fall 2017 Championship Recap…..

I won’t get into details about the game, mainly because I don’t remember. But what you need to know is The Movement finally can call themselves Champions. They fault hard all season long to be able to hold up the IAC trophy. Dream Killers was the opponent on that Championship Sunday, and they came to play. A great season for so many different reasons for these veteran ball club, but they came up short on winning it all. Both teams will be looking to meet again this spring to be crowned Champ.

Pre-Season Rank:

1. The Movement

In order to be the best, you have to beat the best. And right now, why would there be any reason not to rank last season’s Champs pre-season favorites to repeat. So I won’t. Bobby brings back 90% of his championship team along with a few toys. Bobby’s Angels has some new faces, but please trust me when I say they will be just as productive as before. And the defense lost absolutely no one, returning to wreak havoc on opposing offenses. Talent is something this team is full of. From top to bottom, The Movement’s roster has 8 former MVP award winning players. Players to watch will be new comers Vino Bland and Cass Bails-McLeod. Vino is one of the best receivers either league has to offer while Cass might be the league’s best kept secret. Scoring points won’t be a problem for the 4x MVP this season with so much talent around him. Championships are won however by defense, and Sid Lewis has been running defenses since his high school days. This team is ready for any and all challenges.

Prediction: 7-1

2. The Syndicate

Syndicate biggest flaw for season’s now has been their lack of depth and talent with their women. And from what I hear, that is no longer a problem. I’m not going to say any names, but they are bringing at least 4 or more talented females over from the other league in order to get back to the promise land. These acquisitions automatically give Syndicate a significant edge on everyone not named Movement. (Kanye Shrug)…. So I see you Sydney St. Hilaire getting your recruitment on. Not bad sir. The punky QB Sunshine fresh off a National Championship run down in Florida has to be feeling himself. And with these new ladies alongside an already talented male receiving core, this offense will be tough to stop for any defense. Returning back on defense is probably one of the most experienced group of players this league has to offer. Players to watch will be both Labrenthia Pearson and Taheerah Ali. These ladies have the ability to make noise on both sides of the ball. They will be fun to watch now playing with a veteran squad.

Predictions: 7-1

3. Dream Killers

I hope you see the trend. Good Qb play, alongside with talented females. DK come in this season with exactly that. JP is back to prove last season was no fluke. This man gets no respect, but all he did was take DK to their first Championship game in the history of their team. They have some of the best collective female units IAC has to offer. I’m not positive of their turnover from last season, but I think they will be bringing back their contending squad to play for it all again. Their defense was a huge surprise last season, and they look to do the same this spring. Player to watch as always will be Kelly Washington. With all these talented ladies running around our league, people forget that she is one of the best talents either league has. Also, Hands, aka Kevin will be back to tear the league up again on offense.

Prediction: 6-2

4. The Big O

This team went through its ups and downs all season long, but finally was able to get some consistent play when they gave the quarterbacking duties to Uncle Willie. His ability to extend the play, and also beat defenses with his arm was huge for Big O. A final four team last season only got better. So there are a lot of high hopes in the Big O camp this spring. One player to watch out for is Mr. MVP himself, Andre Locke. Honestly speaking, he has not been playing up to his name. A name I gave him, but nevertheless this guy was someone you had to keep an eye on at all times. His return to one of his original squads may be the key to the old Dre. Female help is also on the way within their offense. And another huge pick up at the male defensive corner position. I’m excited to see how it all comes together.

Prediction: 6-2

5. Sauce

I don’t know much about this team’s roster. But one thing I do know is they will be bringing over Chef Grady at QB along with his main squeeze. Pound for pound, the best female this game has to offer, Kim Davis. Sauce is known for winning post and pre-season tourneys. But this league ain’t that. So it will be interesting to see what they can do. Also, with a lot of talent already on other teams spread throughout the league, I’m wondering what supporting cast they will have. I don’t’ think they will have enough to actually contend for it all, hence me having them in the middle of the pact. However, they will not be easy wins for any team, but I don’t think they will have enough fire power to keep up with the teams above.

Prediction: 5-3

6. T1T

Gene King, the best of the worst Qb’s is back to prove again he is not one of the true elite quarterbacks in this league. ( Kanye Shrug) I have to give this guy a hard time. One of the realest guys in the league, and definitely worth the price of admission. They bring back T-Mac, one of the best females in IAC. Talking to Gene, he says he finally has a defense to back up their explosive offense. Looking at their roster, I can’t see it, but I guess that’s why we play the games. They are known for an upset or two during the regular season, but also known to disappear during the playoffs. They also should finish around the middle of the pact and give all the elite teams fits. But I don’t see them really contending for the title this season. Shot out to Rell, my brother from another mother. Hope you throw a few balls this season for T1T…. LOL!! Only one more reason why this team won’t win it all.

Prediction: 5-3

7. Stoney Island Sailors

SIS is a new team to the league. News flash fellas, this ain’t A2. So where you played well over there playing subpar talent half the season, IAC will bring competitive games every week. They have a lot of talent from what I hear, but most of them are hard legs. This game is about good QB play and female talent as I said before. And they honestly don’t have either. So winning games in the end will be tough for them. Their one bright star is Angel Brooks. Very quiet, but not with her play. In some circles, she is considered the best overall female in either league. There is nothing she can’t do. But unless she can throw to herself, this team will have problems. The Sailors won’t be trash, please don’t get me wrong. They are too athletic to say that. But I predict them to be a .500 team at best. Only time will tell.

Prediction: 4-4

8. The Town

This team comes back a shell of the old days. Remember where they had talented female receivers, lock down defenders across the board, and solid QB play. Well, forget that last part. But they were always a team that could contend for it all. Well ladies and gents, this ain’t the old days. The news days has them coming to the field to run around, get cardio in, and get close loses where they blame games on a play or two. Oddly enough, this is my favorite team not named Movement. But facts are facts. This game is all about talent, and The Town will be lacking depth regarding play makers. I’ll still be their number one fan for more reason than one, so it will be hard to watch. Bryson and Money Mike will tear the league up statistically, but it won’t be enough to win games consistently. They are good for at least one upset per season, so I think they will stay true to that.

Prediction: 3-5

9. Reign

Season after season, Reign comes back only to put it all on the field. One of the better run programs in the entire league. But recruiting is not their best attribute. Average talent at best for years, and they are never able to make a splash in free agency to lift their squad from the slums. Last I heard, this season should be no different. Somebody text me any new talent and I will change my prediction. If not, expect this team to be losing a lot of games this season. Hate to see it happen, but facts are facts.

Prediction: 1-7

10. STMO

Honestly, I’m not gone waste my free minutes talking about this team. This is what you do guys… Bring you a boom box, some Q oil, and a TV for tailgate parties. Beat everyone in having fun. You have to win at something. Get you a fly ass tent, sale brats on the side, just really do it big. And between the lines, get the cardio you missed Monday through Saturday. But you will be every teams second bye week each week. Sorry not sorry…

Prediction: 0-8

11. Sweeney Taud

More losing is ahead for STS this upcoming season. I guess they chose to donate their money one last time to IAC. But hey, who’s to say winning is everything. Not me… The relationships you build, extra cardio for the week, along with watching other teams win. This still could be a great season for STS. Again, I have no clue to who is on their roster. So we shall see what STS will truly bring. I’m thinking it’s an extra bye week for most teams, but what do I know.

Prediction: 1-7

IAC Pick Em…..

This season, we will have 5 of the leagues players and coaches match wits with me here on Bobby’s World predicting game results each week. We have Ken Martin from DK, Gene King from T1T, Carlton Rosemond from The Town, Mike Singleton from The Big O, and John Knight from The Syndicate.

Sailors vs. Sauce


Movement vs. Reign

STS vs. Syndicate

Bobby’s World -- Sauce -- DK -- Movement -- Syndicate

Ken -- Sailors -- DK -- Movement -- Syndicate

Carlton -- Sauce -- DK -- Movement -- Syndicate

J. Knight -- Sailors -- STMO -- Movement -- Syndicate

Gene -- Sailors -- DK -- Movement -- Syndicate Mike -- Sailors -- DK -- Movement -- Syndicate