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Week One Recap / Scores

Week 1 Recaps/Scores

11am – The Big O 31 vs. Evil Empire 29

Welcome welcome Evil Empire to the IAC. Big O comes with their back up QB and pulls off the early season upset. Adding a few players in the off season pays off well for The Big O in week 1. A close game all the way through. Big O pulls away in the second half with at 15 point spurt and never looked back. Both defenses had their hands full all day. Uncle Willie had a modest 227 yards and 3 Td’s in the air. And that bad man also added over 100 yards on the ground. BBQ Johnny had 308 yards and 3 Td’s. However, his interception proved to be too much for Evil to overcome. Big O looks to continue the upsets this year. This was not one I would of picked. They look to go 2-0 next week vs The Movement. Better chance hitting the lottery fellas. Evil has to get the game together quick against IAC’s 3rd ranked team Flagrant next week.

12pm – The Movement 26 vs. Reign 6

Reign opened the game with a huge touchdown and was up 6-0. Then they had a few smokes, Thrill put some pork chops on the grill, a few beers were passed around, and they enjoyed the rest of their day. Or so it seemed. Cause Sweet Hair then slaps 26 unanswered points on a pretty spotty defense and the rest was history. JT and Fal Gal of Bobby’s Angels both score 2 Td’s each to coast to victory. A late blunder by the Movement offense in their own territory gave Reign an opportunity to add a score to the board, but it was ruined by the Movement defense. Mr. Mvp as I call him, Rp grabs a pick in the second half in pursuit to another All-star season. Reign continues to BBQ with a bye week while The Movement faces Big O. I can’t read the future, but let’s just say The Movement will be 2-0 next week.

1pm – STMO 0 vs. Dream Killers 44

OMG – I guess my Newsletter preview gave STMO absolutely no edge for Sunday’s game. Or maybe a lack of a QB who could throw a spiral was the reason this game was over B4 it started. Or maybe it was that cover 17 defense they were playing that couldn’t stop a soul. DK had their way early an often. I told Ken I would apologize for the preseason low ranking. Because this team will be contending for a title come season’s end. My new prediction. JP started the game off looking cooler than the other

side of the pillow. Him and the backup QB spread the ball around looking like the team to beat this year. They collectively had 297 yards and 5 Td’s. But before you go start counting your championship earnings, a big test comes next week against T1T. This is truly the Game Of The Week. I for one will have front row seats. As for STMO, may God bless you next week against Syndicate.

2pm – Flagrant 37 vs. The Town 20

Hate to say this, but this game looked like a walk in the park for Flagrant. Zo leaves the game early due to an injury. However, little could be done that this game outcome would have been different. Before he hit the sideline for good, he put up 254 yards and 3 Td’s throwing a pick to the Jamaican (Shannon). Little Rell did his thing against this defense on Sunday giving their rushers and Db’s fits. With a near 400 yard day and 5 Td’s, he looks to be the early season favorite for MVP. With the second best set of girls in the league, they also had their way with10 catches, 130 yards and a touchdown. Excuses are like asses, everyone has one. But The Town was missing some talent. We will see what they do with the new comers Sweeney Taud. Vino and the krew look to go 2-0 against Evil who will not be happy with a possible 0-2 start. So this should be a barn burner with two explosive offenses.

Game Of The Week 3pm – T1T 27 vs. The Syndicate 29

What a way to start the season off for our IAC game of the week. The IAC Champs vs. Gene and T1T. This was clearly the best

game of the day. The worst best QB in all of Chicago flag football had a great game keeping his team in striking distance for the early season upset. Gene had 318 yard with 3 Td’s adding another 48 on the ground and another TD. T Mack is such a great nic name. And this lady might need an even better one the way she plays. An early season MVP front runner, she helped keep T1T in the game with 4 huge catches, 70 yards and a tuddy. But you can have all the offense in the world, but if you can’t stop no one. You will not win in this league. And Mr “Mama that’s that man” aka Sunshine did what he wanted to all day against the T1T defense. With 330 total yards and 4 touchdowns, the best QB in the game proved to again be worth all the hype. Boobie always looks like in can star in the movie House Party 2. But his game is legit. With nearly 100 yards receiving and a touchdown. He proved to be one of the difference makers on Sunday. Any time you have two good teams, the game almost always end with one team getting conversions and the other not. This game was no different. Tied at 21. Syndicate strikes, and converts on their 2 pt conversion to go up 8. Gene takes his team down the field to score the potential tying touchdown. But it was their 2 pt conversion that was not converted that ended the game. T1T plays in a barn burner next week against DK while The Syndicate wins by 73 next week against STMO.

IAC Top 10

1. The Syndicate

2. The Movement

3. Flagrant 4. Dream Killers

5. T1T

6. TheBigO 7. Evil Empire 8. The Town 9. Reign

10.Sweeney Taud

Weekly Interview – Jay Everett of STMO

What was your expectation entering your first game of IAC? Coming into the season, I was expecting a pretty high level of competition from the teams, but mostly from the males and maybe a few ladies. After week 1, these ladies are intense!! It’s exciting to see their skill level across the board. Just gives me a better idea of what standards I should be holding my ladies to.

Who are two players the league needs to be on the lookout for? To be honest I think all of STMO females will turn a lot of heads, but the one that will most likely be the Female MVP of the league is Nadia Miller (WestSide). She plays WR and QB, so I don't think you can really beat that for an offensive female. Secondly, Erick Smith (FreaQyy) is a name to watch out for. He's had a lot of success in other leagues outside of the city, and plans on doing the same in IAC. He's really an all- around player.

Team not named STMO. Who wins the championship this season? If I had to pick a team, The Syndicate has a good chance of repeating. Saw they game yesterday, and it wasn't a bad performance at all.

Is there a team on your schedule that you want to beat more than any other team? The Big O... Lol ... That's my big bro's team, and I kind of have a friendly little rivalry with some of the members of team.

Can your team shock the world and become this season's summer champs and why?

We can! STMO has great talent, especially on the offensive side of the ball. I believe we have the greatest combination of offensive ladies. We lost a lot of our defensive starters to work schedules and injuries, but we are retooling on that side of the ball, and we will be ready to turn some heads this summer.

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