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Week 9 Sores & Season Review

Week 9 Scores

Sweeney Taud 18 vs. The Movement 24

The Big O 24 vs. That 1 Team 28

Flagrant 28 vs. Reign 0

Stmo 14 vs. The Evil Empire 28

The Town 13 vs. The Syndicate 0

IAC Season Review

Dream Killers – 5-3

Preseason Prediction 3-5

Led by veteran QB Jason Phillips, this team finished on top of the IAC world. Some controversy around their number one playoff ranking, however they earned their stripes all season long playing up tempo offense, and lights out defense. They started the season off 1-1 before beating the Champs in week 3 for IAC’s first true upset of the season. The momentum of that win carried them to a 3 game winning streak before dropping 2 straight to non-division teams Big O and Reign. It would be their divisional play, and stingy defense that would ultimately crown them division champs in the end. Players to look out for this post season start with new comer, Kevin Teamer. He was simply amazing this year. On the other side of the ball, Nick Wunschi is the heart and soul of their defense. With key players both female and male, this team has a legitimate chance of going all the way.

The Movement – 5-3

Preseason Prediction 8-0

No doubt in anyone’s mind that Robert Snowden is the fuel that keeps this engine going. Where his arm goes, The Movement follows. This season was all about ups and down with the red and black. Two blow out wins to start the season off over Reign and Big O had everyone on notice again. But then they had their first loss. Followed by their second, and then their third. This 3 game losing streak had everyone saying they were done. But a refocus on both sides of the ball carried The Movement to close the season on a 3 game winning streak. After week 5, a division title was the last thing on their mind. However that’s what they accomplished getting a little help on the way. As good as their offensive girls are, and as good as Bobby thinks he is. It will be their defense that will make or break The Movement hopes for a championship. Players to look out for this post season will be the collective unit of Bobby’s Angels. On the defense, Sidney Lewis will have to rally the troops to follow his lead as they will to face top offenses in every round they play.

The Syndicate – 6-2

Preseason Prediction 7-1

We start off talking about the QB again with this team. Losing 13-0 to The Town was evident. Michael Scherpenberg missed that game, and the normally powerful Syndicate offense was nowhere to be found. In one of this season’s best Game of The Week, Syndicate started off 1-0 beating T1T in a nail biter. They took an early season blow to DK, but quickly fixed any problems they may have had going on a 4 game winning streak. Tied for the best record in the league gives this team the confidence to know they can beat any team that steps across from them. Teams have closed the talent gap this summer, so Sunshine and this veteran defense will have to play lights out football to repeat as champs. Players to look out for this post season start with Sunshine. Recognized as IAC top QB, he will have to use his poise and decision making abilities to keep defenses off guard. Defensive back Sydney St. Hilare is their heart and soul. Currently injured, I think he has to play and play well if this team wants to go all the way.

That 1 Team – 6-2

Preseason Prediction 5-3

Starting off 0-1, losing to The Syndicate didn’t worry this team at all. All they did was refocus, and won 3 straight to take the IAC by storm. A mid-season lost did have them the laughing stock of the league for a minute. But that also didn’t last long as they ran off another 3 game winning streak to end the season. Qb, Gene King ran and threw the ball like no other time before. Playing poised, this was his best season to date. The offense ran trick plays, flea flickers, and had fun all season long scoring at will. Their defense at times looked really good. But at other times looked like the struggling T1T defense of old. Balance play on both sides will be the key to this team’s success. From a talent perspective, they can beat anyone in the league. Players to look out for this post season starts with Tonishea Mack. Pound 4 pound one of the best girls this league has to offer. However, she can sometime get lost in the shuffle. She will need to come up big in order to get T1T over the hump. And staying on offense, Jason Young will have catch more balls down field if T1T wants defenses to respect the deep threat.

The Big O – 5-3

Preseason Prediction 3-5

Willie Harris was one of the biggest and brightest surprises of this season. His Qb play almost had his team on top of their division. Getting solid play in that position is very important. Willie was able to run and pass the ball with the best of them this season. I always think Big O is good for an upset or two, and they didn’t fail me this summer. That shocker came in week 5 after beating Dream Killers, who was IAC’s #1 ranked team in Bobby’s World. Honestly speaking, this team is always a wild card. Never a top rated offense alongside an average defense, they seem to never get the respect they think they deserve. Even with a surprising 5-3 season. I’m not sure if they will have what it takes to go far into these playoffs. Players to look out for this post season starts with Darious Melchor. He has been a consistent killer Big O has been able to count on week in and week out. And finally Willie Harris. He will have to play MVP football in order for them to get out the first round. Not only does he have to play great at the QB position, I think he has to dig deep and give their defense a boost as well for them to have a shot.

The Town - 5-3

Preseason Prediction 5-3

This team has everything you can think of in order to win it all. They proved it in week 3 after upsetting The Movement 32-26 in O.T. For the 1st time, IAC got a glimpse of what The Town can be when they had their full roster at disposal. With weapons on both side of the ball, they looked like a team to fear in the next coming weeks. The only problem was that would be the last time you saw their full roster. Never really being able to put a streak together, they still had a chance to win their division in a week 7 showdown against Big O. They lost with their offense playing poorly and dropped down to the 6th playoff spot where they would stay. With a solid defense, this team sinks or swims with the play of their QB Lorenzo Stephens. When he puts games together, playing well for 40 minutes, this team in the 6th spot actually has what it takes to hold up the trophy in 2 weeks. Players or the team to look for this post season will be The Force. Demarcus Grady playing both sides of the ball will be crucial for this ball club to finally get over the hump. And Kimberly Davis is a woman playing amongst girls. She is that good. What they do will largely determine The Town’s fate.

The Evil Empire – 4-4

Preseason Prediction 4-4

The Evil Empire did well for juggling 2 teams in 2 different leagues. Without a notable win this season, it’s hard to know what team showed up from week to week. However, with their season being over with in their other league, the playoffs can expect a full roster of determined players eager to show their 4-4 record was a fluke. They do however bring in the lowest ranked defense in the entire league giving up 29 points per game. Lucky for them they also have one of the best offenses in the league. But championships are usually won with defense. Unless they have a few tricks up their sleeve, an early first round exit is the only thing they can expect. You can never count out a veteran team though. Players to look out for this post season starts with the arm of their QB John Bowles. He will need to play turnover free football if Evil wants to stay alive and capture the championship. On the defense, ????. I have no clue….. One or two players unknown to me will have to force turnovers for this ball club. One stop maybe all this offense needs in order to get a first round upset.

Reign – 3-5

Preseason Prediction 2-6

No shock to anyone Reign finished with losing record. They missed the playoffs last season, only to make it this season by the skin on their teeth. But it wasn’t like this all year. At one time, they sat on top of the world at 3-1 after beating both new comers to the league. And then shocking everyone with an upset blowout over T1T 30-20. Maybe it was luck, because they were never able to regain that solid play again. They finished the season on a 4 game losing streak. Shaky defense alongside an unreliable offense, it was no wonder they struggled for most of the season. This team does have talent at many places. However, I’m wondering if the last 3 blowout loses has this team’s confidence shook going into the playoffs. Players to look for in the post season are Rebekah Saunders and Chih-Wei-Chen. Rebekah will have to be that threat mid-range and down the field to keep the chains moving. Chih-Wei-Chen started the season strong but tailed off during their losing streak. He will have to put pressure on the Qb’s they will face in order to give their secondary turnover opportunities.

Flagrant – 2-6

Preseason Prediction 6-2

This was the absolute strangest thing I have seen since playing co-ed flag football. All my Greeks know Excuses are tool of incompetence. Did Flagrant have to go through a few tough spots?? Yes…. But 2-6 was something no person thought was possible. Week after week, I thought they would break through and get their swagger back. But it never happened. Qb Berrell Burkes played at times like he was not focused or had a clue. His speed and arm strength is never a concern, unless you’re the opposite team. But mentally, I don’t know what the disconnect was. Depth for this ball club will be very important for them to finally be competitive next spring in IAC. Not to mention the addition of few more pieces that can help get quality wins in this league. The good news is that they have two of the best young felmae duos in the entire league. Players to look for next season are everyone. Finishing 2-6 was a team effort. And it will take that same team effort to right the ship in 2018. Gm of the year has to be Vino Bland. Only time will tell.

Sweeney Taud – 2-6

Preseason Prediction 1-7

This team was defined by just not having enough. The talent level on STS featured a lot of complimentary players on teams around the other league. Star power,?? They just didn’t have it. Saying all that, they were in almost every game except 2 the entire season. Adding a few extra pieces that can buy into Warren Noel’s vision, they can start turning those loses into wins. Their offense was able to get key plays to score when they had to. Their defense was able to be competitive against the majority of the league. So even at 2-6, they have something to build on. One player to look out for next season is Jarvis Tucker. Who says you can’t run in flag football? If he can catch more balls down the field consistently, there is no doubt he can put together another great season. Devantae Williams has all the attributes you want in your QB physically. His play can lift or bury his team’s chances from Sunday to Sunday. But he will actually have to take this game more serious if he ever wants to go to the next level.

STMO – 1-7

Preseason Prediction 0-8

Like STS, this was another team with great leadership in Jay Everett. He honestly did everything he could do in order to get a good product out on the field. Bad thing for him, talented players just don’t fall off trees. With a decent athlete here and there, they were far from being competitive in the IAC this season. But Rome wasn’t built in one night. I think his same dedication he put forward this season will pay off during the down months gathering talent. The new kids on the block will have no excuses next season. They will need help however on both sides of the ball. And it absolutely starts with acquiring a QB. One player to look for next season will be Nadia Miller. A young two way threat like her has teams licking their chops to get. If she stays loyal and helps this team gather talent like herself, things will be very interesting for this ball club.

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