Week 8 Recap & Scores

11am – STMO 22 vs. Flagrant 15

The sun shines on a dog’s ass every once in a while. A broken clock is right twice a day. LOL!! Flagrant, why in the high blue moon are you losing to STMO?? Ok, let me stop. We have to give credit where credit is due. Excellent job by STMO, and congrats to grabbing your 1st IAC victory. I can’t say it wasn’t a surprise. But what was also no surprise was the poor QB play yet again from Rell of Flagrant. He finished the day with less than 200 yards again passing, 2 touchdowns and 1 interception thrown. After 7 games played, he is averaging 202 passing yards and one interception per game. With injuries and lack of depth, your QB has to be able to step up and make up the difference. Great guy (pause) I hope you come back strong next season, along with your team. But enough about those losers… LOL!! The story of the day is STMO. Set That Win Out!! LOL!! Nadia Miller led her team with 2 receptions, 93 yards, and 1 touchdown. Their Qb only had 166 passing yards, but 3 scores were enough to get the victory on Sunday. They had the lead for the first time at half this entire season at 14-8. I think that lead gave them the confidence needed to finish strong. Coming out the half, Flagrant took the lead and looked to take control of the game. After all, with two wins over the next couple of weeks, they still had a chance to actually make the playoffs. But STMO were like crabs in a barrel. They would have none of that. Saying please join us on the gone fishing boat!!!. This loss mathematically eliminated Flagrant from the post season. The good news is… The only way is up after this year. STMO looks to win 2 straight with a victory over Evil. With Evil juggling to play in two different leagues might give them the edge to pull off the upset. What the hell, they are my pick to click next week. I predict STMO to win in a close one.

12pm - Sweeney Taud 16 vs. The Syndicate 42

Syndicate scores 40 plus in 2 consecutive weeks putting a good ol’ fashion ass kicking on STS. Sweeney Taud’s claim to fame is them being plays away from a 6-0 record. Well, not this game guys. STS had to be feeling good early, having an 8-6 lead after each team’s first possession. Each team would again trade scores with the first half coming to an end. Syndicate was up 22-16 at half looking to put STS away, and put them away is what they did. STS would not enter the end zone for the rest of the game. Mr. Pale, aka Mama, there goes that man, aka Sunshine finished with 369 passing yards and 6 touchdowns. The MVP race is heating up really fast. Looked to be a single horse race for most of the season, but with the overall best record in the league, and the numbers to match. Sunshine is coming on very fast. The ball was spread around to everyone on Sunday. However, Bama had the best numbers with 4 catches, 96 yards and 2 touchdowns. The loud mouth of the South Toya Lynn had her best performance of the season with 4 catches, 68 yards and 1 touchdown for STS. Marcell Kellum chipped in with 97 receiving yards. Unfortunately for the league, The Syndicate defense also looks to be gaining momentum. I’m not sure how this season will end, but one thing is for sure. Syndicate will have something to say about it. Syndicate faces The Town next week. With them potentially playing each other in the 1st round of this season’s playoffs, I wonder if any team will show their hand trying to get the regular season win. I think it’s business as usual. Syndicate will win by a small margin to gain a huge confidence booster going into the post season. As for STS, bottle bets are already made with their match up against The Movement. They will have to play lights out football in order to pull off the upset.

1pm - Dream Killers 34 vs. Reign 6

After an opening day loss to The Movement, Reign shocked the league winning 3 straight games. But poor defensive play has this team riding a 3 game losing streak. In those 3 loses, they are giving up nearly 30 points per game. Dream Killers came in with something to prove. Also on top of the world mid-season, they needed a win to end their season on a good note. And putting up 34 points on the board is one way to do it. This game was over before it started. DK had an 18 point lead going into the second half. JP also with something to prove on Sunday had his best game of the season. He threw for 382 yards and 5 touchdown passes. More importantly, he had ZERO interceptions. He proves to be the engine that keeps this machine going. Toya, aka Tamesha, aka Tonya, aka Tamika Robinson led the team in receiving with 5 catches, 105 yards and 1 touchdown. As good as the DK offense was, their defense played even better. Reign would pass for a season low 64 passing yards on Sunday. TERRIBLE!!! Walter Als…… Was you thinking about special sauce?? $10 Jerk plates?? Kneeling during the National Anthem that wasn’t even sung?? I mean 64 total yards?? That’s pretty bad sir. The good news is with Flagrant’s loss on Sunday, they clinched their first IAC playoff berth. The bad news is you’ll probably be the first team to go home fishing. Unless they can bring back the magic they had to start the season off winning 3 out of 4 games. Only time will tell. As for Dream Killers, they have clinched the Cubs North Division and the 1st or 2nd seed entering the playoffs. Time will tell for that one, but at 5-3, their regular season is all done. With this being a what have you done for me lately league. They will have their chance to be and beat the best in 2 more weeks.

2pm Town 13 vs Big O 26

This game had a lot on the line with the winner being in the driver’s seat to win The Sox Division Title, ands clinching a number 1 or number 2 seed in the playoffs. Both teams came in ready to play, but Mr. 36 minutes, aka Zo for The Town showed why he holds this nick name. Zo opened the game throwing a pick 6 to Eddie Chau. However it would be The Town’s defense that would keep them in the game entering the 2nd half. The Town bounced back and showed poise leading 7-6. Uncle Willie didn’t exactly light it up on Sunday. But when his number was called, he answered leading his team to the 2 score victory. These two teams would trade blows for the majority of the 2nd half. The Town trailing by 7 had the ball late in the half with a chance to either tie or win the game in regulation play. With such a big game on the line, it came down to who would make the big play. And that play was made by Uncle Willie himself catching Zo’s second interception thrown of the game. One that would end any hope of them winning this close game. Big O tacks on a late TD that really didn’t matter in the end, but this win had to feel good. Bryson has the lightest fade in the history of fades. But that didn’t stop him from leading his team in receiving with 3 receptions, 115 yards and 2 touchdowns. Big O’s Little D Melchor matched his efforts with the exact same stat line on the other side. Except he caught a game high 7 catches. The Town goes into next week licking their wounds with a very crucial missed opportunity. But they can’t dwell on this loss long. Syndicate comes in hot ready to embarrass the veteran squad from the North. Big O faces an equally tough opponent in T1T next Sunday. I think the best worst Qb gets the win to close out his and the T1T’s great regular season.

3pm - Game of The Week

The Movement 40 vs. Evil Empire 20

These two teams come in with a long history of great games. However, with two games on the slate for Evil on the same day at two different fields, this game lost a bit of its luster from the jump. Nevertheless, a game had to be played on the IAC field, and Evil fell short. The game was close in the first half and part of the second half with both teams trading scores. BBQ Johnny finished the day with 234 yards and 3 touchdowns. But it would be Pretty V, aka Veronica Smith of The Movement that changed the game and sent Evil packing early to the other field. She intercepted a tipped ball over the middle with The Movement already up 22-20. 4 Time MVP, aka, Sweet Hair, aka Soul Glo continued to score and score quickly on the Evil defense tacking on 26 unanswered points. He finished with over 300 total yards and 5 touchdowns. His favorite target was MVP front runner Fal Gal, Fallon Dickens. She had 4 receptions, 155 yards and 2 tuddies. Nadia Bibbs chipped in with 2 touchdowns as well. Bobby’s Angels were short in numbers, but not with talent on Sunday. This loss was expected with Evil having to leave early. But let’s be real. They weren’t winning anyway. ( Kanye Shrug) But it would have been a closer game in the end. I guess that’s how the cookie crumbles. Next, Evil faces a hungry STMO team. I have no idea of any time constraints for Evil next week, but I hope they plan to bring their A game against the new comers. The Movement will face the other new kids on the block next Sunday. With a head to head win over Big O early this season. The Movement can clinch their division with a win over STS. So they will be coming into this otherwise meaningless game ready to prove they are ready for another strong playoff push for the title.

IAC’s Top 10

  1. The Syndicate

  2. T1T

  3. Big O

  4. The Movement

  5. Dream Killers

  6. The Town

  7. Evil Empire

  8. STS

  9. Reign

  10. STMO

Playoff Ranking

  1. Big O

  2. Dream Killers

  3. The Syndicate

  4. T1T

  5. The Town

  6. The Movement

  7. Reign

  8. Evil Empire