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Week 7 Recap & Scores

11am – Dream Killers 21 vs. Sweeny Taud 28

Damn, it was all good just a week ago!!! DK sat on top of the IAC world, and had everyone fooled apparently. Even had me fooled. But there I was in Ohio enjoying myself at Cedar Point. Said to myself, let me check to see what happen on the field on Sunday. And there it was….. DK LOSING to the new comers who I gave no chance of winning. My apologies guys and gals of STS. I blame JP. With DK’s now two game losing streak, JP has also has thrown 2 pics two games in a row. Way to be consistent sir!! L All-State Williams finally gets a notable win here in the IAC. He balled out with 252 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 1 interception. His favorite target was Mr. Hairline himself, or missing hairline. (Kanye Shrug) J Tuck. He gave the DK defense all kinds of problems. He finished with 3 touchdowns and led all players on the field with 135 all-purpose yards. Dream Killers were up two going into the half at 14-12. STS came out gunz-blazing in the second half to take the lead 20-14. JP and the DK offense would answer back later in the game to lead 21-18. A surprise to me, it has been the Dream Killer defense that has had this team in 1st place at one point in time. With the game on the line, Nick and his krew had another chance to prove they are one of the leagues best at getting crucial stops. However in the end, STS who has been in every game this season would come out on top with a clutch game winning TD. All-State found J Tuck for 1 of his 3 Td’s with only 6 seconds left in regulation. Mr. No name, aka Kevin Teamer had another great individual performance with 4 catches, 3 for touchdowns and 128 receiving yards. News flash JP…….. This is coed flag football. If you don’t start using those ladies out there, it will be another early exit for DK in this season’s playoffs. DK faces Reign next; this will be another game that will probably go down to the wire. As for STS, they lost already to Syndicate. As good as water is wet, this game is over as we speak… LOL!!!

12pm – Flagrant 6 vs. The Syndicate 41

What ever happen to Flagrant?? The CBL’s up and comers. Top 3 team in the preseason after a mediocre, playoff missing, inaugural IAC season in the spring. Lack of depth, injuries, poor Qb play, and a defense that couldn’t stop The Rancho Cucamonga grammar school flag team from scoring. Flagrant had a chance to shock the world on Sunday, and that they did. Cause if you would of told me they would be outscored by any team by 35 points, I wouldn’t believe you. Good news was, they had the lead at 6-0 to start the game. Bad news was, they would give up 41 straight on their way to their 5th straight loss of this season. Sunshine damn near had a perfect game going 17/19, 255 yards, and 5 Td’s. Boobie Miles had a field day. He caught 2 of those touchdowns, 125 receiving yards, and to put salt on the wound picking off Rell twice. Rell had a miserable day throwing for STMO numbers. LOL!! 58 passing yards. I said this man, had 58 passing yards. He ran for more yards than he threw for. Something has got to give for this team. It’s hard to say they have given up. But this score and performance screams it. Nothing cures losing like playing a worst team than you. So Vino and his krew break out of their funk this Sunday against STMO. With this win, they are still mathematically still in the playoff picture. Syndicate also win next week versus STS. They are just fine tuning their well-oiled machine, gearing up for a repeat.

1pm- STMO 0 vs The Town 36

If damn near letting your opponents score 40 wasn’t bad enough, STMO match terrible defense with another horrible offensive performance scoring ZERO!! L Let’s just say my eyes are happy I missed this game. The only fear of mine with these new teams was them getting their head beat in and forfeiting games later in the season. Come on STMO. Don’t be that team. I hear you were borrowing players and still only had 6. Unacceptable….. Can’t come down on you guys too hard, I’m not sure on what led to the low numbers. I hope all is well. As for the game, it was really over before it started. Mr. 36 minutes, aka Zo didn’t exactly light up the stat sheet throwing for only 146 and 3 touchdowns. But it was more than enough to get the victory. Sam I Am Maias is one of IAC’s rising two way superstars. And he showed just that leading the team with 80 receiving yards, 1 touchdown, and a pick on the defensive side of the ball. STMO’s qb flat out was terrible again… (insert Jordan crying face) The Town damn near had more catches than STMO did. 4 completions to STMO receivers. Throwing 3 pics to The Town. STMO faces Flagrant next week. I would say they have a chance because of the bad play of Flagrant. And God does work in mysterious ways. But I think Flagrant cruises to victory this Sunday. The Town play for the division title on Sunday against Big O. A loss could drop them as low as 6 depending on points. So rests assure, they will be focused and ready to clinch their first division title in some time.

2pm- The Big O 32 vs. Reign 20

This season has been exciting with hot and cold teams. Big O has now won 3 out of 4 games after coasting to a 2 score victory against Reign. Reign coming off their own 3 game winning streak of their own has now lost 2 in a row. Uncle Willie from Big O shredded the Reign defense. He finished with 299 passing yards and 5 touchdowns. He favorite two targets was Little D Darious Melchor with 6 catches, 147 yards, and 3 TD’s. KC Davis chipped in with 4 catches, 130 yards, and 2 tuddies. I’m not sure if there was any defense being played from Reign. However, one thing that helps any struggling defense is a powerful offense. Let’s just say they were less than great. BBQ Thrill did have a decent game passing for 3 touchdowns and 240 passing yards. But that would not be enough to get the job done on this day. He spread the ball around with 3 different players catching touchdowns. Jacky Chan, aka Chih-Wei Chen’s MVP hopes are diving after two tough games in a row. Reign will need him along with everyone else next week when they face Dream Killers. Both teams will need to play well in order to come away with the victory. As hard as it is to say this, especially with Big O being in The Movement division, they look to potentially grab 1st place in The Sox division with a win against The Town next week. I think they will come u

p short, however anything can happen if they play as good as they have been. I’ll have invested interest in this game with front row seats.

3pm – Game of The Week

T1T 30 vs. The Evil Empire 28

This game featured MVP candidate Qb Gene Young (The best worst Qb in the league) vs. the savvy vet BBQ Johnny, aka John Bowles. A lot of hype before the game and it turned out to be a great one. The best of the worst tried to smoke the game away throwing 2 first half pics. Lucky for him, their defense kept T1T in the game trailing Evil 14-8 in the first half. He would finish the game with 277 yards, 4 Td’s, and those 2 interceptions. T1T took the lead coming out the 2nd half 16-14 with a passing TD by Gene. After that score, the second half would go back and forth until the very end. Only scoring 8 in the 1st half, T1T’s offense turned the corner scoring 22 in the 2nd half on their way to the win. But it would be their defense they would depend on to finish the deal. Down late in the 2nd half, Evil would have plenty of time on the game clock to pull off the upset. But a tipped ball on the line of scrimmage was the end all to be all for Evil. The pass was picked off by Courtney Tarver on a great diving play to seal the victory. John finished with 315 yards, and 4 touchdowns. But it would be his costly 2 interceptions that ultimately cost his team the win. A A Aaron Rawls for Evil had a career day with 221 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns. Al B Sure, aka J Young lead T1T with 101 yards and 2 touchdowns. Next up for Evil will be their 2nd straight Game of The Week versus a well-rested Movement team coming off a bye week. As good as water is wet, they lose this game. Call it a hunch. Speaking of bye weeks, that is what T1t has this week. Nothing like a clutch win to sit on for two weeks that will make you feel like a million bucks.

IAC Top 10

  1. Syndicate Same

  2. T1T Same

  3. The Town Up 1 spot

  4. Big O Up 1 spot

  5. Movement Up 3 spots

  6. Dream Killers Down 3 spots

  7. Evil Empire Down 1 spot

  8. Reign Down 1 spot

  9. STS Up 1 spot

  10. Flagrant Down 1 spot

Playoff Ranking

  1. Syndicate

  2. The Town

  3. T1T

  4. Big O

  5. Dream Killers

  6. Reign

  7. Movement

  8. Evil Empire

IAC Weekly Interview with The Town’s Mike Haywood (The Red Man)

  • Billy is long gone. Bryson is working back from injuries. How does it feel being the number one target on the Town?

The Town has definitely experienced some changes amongst the WR core. I wouldn't necessarily say I'm the number one target. Town has so many weapons which make it hard for Zo to even have a #1 target. I'd say that circumstances happened which opened opportunities for the 'next man up'. And if I'm the next man up, I gotta show up. That's my mentality my role & answer when my number is called

  • From Zo to Nuri to Bryson to Theon back to Zo. How does it feel as a receiver not having consistency at the qb position?

It's been challenging. Almost a different QB the last however many seasons. There always has to be that relationship between a receiver and a QB. Timing is huge if it ain't everything. And that 'timing' takes time (not trying to sound cliché). And with those different guys, came a different experience. Good ones as well as frustrating ones. But all learning experiences. And I play/played hard for each one.

  • What has been your experience playing in both leagues this season?

It's exhausting. This definitely was a wakeup call to show me that I ain't as young as I might've tricked myself into thinking. But I STILL enjoy my Sunday Funday, as I have the last several years. I just wish there was a way to get us all in one league, on one field. I think that'll be love. But nevertheless, this is a time that I look forward to every year. From CBL to IAC/A2, I've met some amazing people man. And y'all brighten my year up. I'm glad I'm a part of this. All love.

  • Team not named The Town. Who wins the championship this season? And why?

Team NOT named Town winning the ship...hmmmm I'm a firm believer in defeating and dethroning the champ to wear the crown. With that being said, I don't think there's any other team with a bigger target on their back than The Syndicate. They definitely get my respect from their personnel, to their QB and offensive weapons, their defensive pieces and the tenacity and aggressiveness that they play with. I'd say The Syndicate has the best chance. Gotta dethrone the champ. Their champs for a reason.

  • Name the top 3 db's that have given you the most problems through the years.

Top 3 DBs ...... ah damn ... just naming 3 is tough. In no particular order I'm gonna go Rich Gardner, Red Brown, Shannon Matt, Chris Durr, Anthony Young.

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