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Week 5 Recap & Scores

12pm – Dream Killers 34 vs. The Evil Empire 12

Guess who is King of the hill now. It’s The Dream Killers. Standing alone in first place, they look to have the easiest road to the trophy this season. I didn’t see it. But scoring out the gate, I could see Evil’s BBQ Johnny doing some 1997 footwork after his team’s score. LOL!! If this was a reality, this would be the last dancing anyone on their team did on Sunday. Dream Killers then ran off 34 straight points to absolutely Kill Kill Kill Evil’s hopes at making this game look anything close. JB had a season low 226 yards passing with only 2 touchdowns. Maybe the rust was on thick after having their bye week last Sunday. And Dream Killers took full advantage. Still undefeated this season, the 2nd most hated man in show business, JP had a field day on Evil’s defense. With 288 passing yards, 5 touchdowns and no picks, JP mostly used 2 weapons to his disposal. One of the smallest players in the league, man or female… LOL!! Juice, aka Mr. Tooles had 5 receptions, 78 yards and 2 td’s. And Kevin, aka, the man with no name caught 2 touchdowns for DK. All of that offense is sexy. But what gets the work done. What wins games. Is a stingy defense. DK is currently ranked #1 in total defense this season. And holding a powerful offensive squad like Evil to basically 1 touchdown is pretty remarkable. I honestly can’t think of anything bad to say. DAMN!!! Even they cooking is good. L Anyway, they look to ride this wave into next week against Big O. This game won’t be easy, but I have DK winning by at least 13. While Evil looks to get their swagger back and Mojo against Sweeney Taud. Honestly can’t see STS winning this one, but stranger things has happen.

1pm – T1T 20 vs. Reign 30

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why you play the game. I think we have seen this one play out before. Does this sound familiar Evil and The Town?? T1T was on cloud 9 after a big win versus The Movement, Reign came off of a bye week. This had trap game written all over. Proof to everyone; don’t take any team in the IAC for granted. Even with the game being so close, a betting man would have thought T1T would eventually pull away. But the pulling came from the team in Blue and White. Oddly enough it was Jacky Chan himself, resurrected in Chih-Wei Chen’s body, who lead this team to a huge victory. He was causing problems all day leading the team with 7 flag grabs. BBQ Thrill was tossing sauce all around ending the day with 253 yards and 4 touchdowns. Reign started the 2nd half with a 19 yard pass to Walt Young to give them a commanding 14 point lead. And with that lead, this veteran team knew what to do and when to do it to stay on top. T1T would score only one 2nd half td. The best worst qb in all of IAC finished with 243 yards and 3 touchdowns. T Mack gave The Movement fits all day last week but could barely get a look this game finishing with 1 catch for only 6 yards. Al B Sure, aka J Young was the bright spot on a cloudy day. He finished with 6 receptions for 149 yards and 2 touchdowns. If I was being honest though, I would think this was a fluke game. I expect the Reign losing tradition to start again next week versus The Town. Even at 3-1, I’m not a believer yet. And sometime it takes that “us against the world” mentality to be able to play and overcome obstacles together. So good luck. As for T1T, they almost for certain look to get back to their winning ways against STMO next week. How they look doing it, is what everyone will be watching for.

2pm – Sweeney Taud 28 vs STMO 22

This had to be the most exciting game between two 0-3 teams in IAC history. Wait, I think it was the 1st 0-3 match up in IAC history. I have a job to do, and that job I did. I can’t lie, I had 4 adult beverages during this game to help me get through it. But I made it. I watched the entire game just so I can do Bobby’s World and give these teams their respect. I’m lying ya’ll. I aint watch this game. For what? LOL!!!! Any time you have a game featuring two teams that potentially could have a collective record of 1- 15 at best 2-14 after the season. I’m sleep. But let me look at these stats and see what I can say…… Ok, Toya Lynn, aka the loud mouth of The South, threw half as many touchdowns as the starting QB. And she threw 1 pass. The Swagg King D Hayes caught 3 catches leading STS. And that’s about it for them. STMO must not have had any numbers on, because anyone who did anything was Unknown Player. So your guess is as good as mine. Wait… Kendall Lane did lead all players with 4 flag grabs on defense. However, in the end, my prediction was correct. STS did pull away with the victory. Their scattered talent did just enough to prove me right. All jokes aside, STS has a few pieces, however they have to work on getting everyone on the same page to build on this win. Next week, they face Evil Empire. Evil coming off a loss in blow out fashion will look to flat out embarrass this team. I think STS keeps it close, but look for Evil to pull away late. STMO faces last week’s #1 squad T1T also coming off a loss. Look for Gene to score every time on their way to a blowout W.

3pm – The Syndicate 32 vs The Movement 19

The good news is, The Movement scored 19 unanswered points in the 2nd half. And that is where the good news starts and ends. Hopefully they can build on that coming into this week versus a struggling Flagrant team. Coming in flat as a pancake, Syndicate made quick work this past Sunday jumping to a 13 point 1st half lead with the ball to start the 2nd half. The game was damn near over before it started. Soul Glo, aka Good Hair, aka 4 time MVP took his team down the field fairly easy b4 throwing an interception to Mr. Florida, aka Old man Sam, aka Syd on a red play. Movement’s 2nd drive ended also down the field on a missed 4th down conversion on a pass break up by none other than I just crossed at 46 years old Sydney St. Hilare. And on both occasions, that pale man, aka Sunshine carved The Movement defense up for 2 scores to give Syndicate a commanding lead. Sunshine finished with 5 passing touchdowns and no interceptions for damn near 400 yards. His favorite target was some no name guy Eric Stevenson. Nevertheless, he scored twice with 60 yards and 4 receptions. Bobby finished with 272 yards, 3 touchdowns and that 1st half pick. Leading their team in receiving was Mr. Mayo, Blake Hammond. He had 5 receptions, 109 yards and 2 tuddies. Riding a 3 game losing streak, there is no place but up for the Movement. Inconsistent QB play at best along with a spotty defense, a deep playoff push looks more and more out of sight with every week that passes. However, an unknown SUPERSTAR from The Movement has guaranteed a victory this week though. And if I was a betting man, which I am. My money is on the red and black this week. The Syndicate looked unstoppable on Sunday and hope not too kool off. They have a bye week this Sunday. Watch out all neighboring buffets. Big Kurt has a Sunday off, guard ya children, guard ya wives, he will be hungry.

IAC Top 10

  1. Dream Killers 4-1 – JP has this team scoring. The defense is looking great. Dare I say it. DK is the team to beat now. MVP front runner, Mr. no name Kevin Teamer is having just as great of a season as the overall team.

  2. The Syndicate 4-1 – They just keep winning. An early season loss to the now #1 ranked team, I look for them to finish 7-1 this pre-season, on their way to where the games really matter.

  3. T1T 3-2 – They had the #1 ranking for all of 2 seconds. However, their resume is still top notch with key 3 big wins, and look to finish strong going into the playoffs.

  4. Reign 3-1 – Respect is earned and not given. With 2 wins against the newbies, they made the splash of the season beating the #1 ranked team last week. They look strong to prove to everyone last season was a fluke not making the playoffs.

  5. The Town 2-2 – Their 5th ranking is right on par. Right in the middle because from week to week, we are not sure what Town team will show up. They have the talent, putting it together on the field is the question.

  6. Evil Empire 2-2 – New to IAC, I predicted an up and down season for Evil this summer. I have not seen the best or worst from this team, I think their veteran play will keep them competitive throughout this season.

  7. Big O 2-2 – Another team that gives teams headaches when their talent is all there. Only problem it doesn’t happen too often. Their offense will have to carry them in order for them to finish strong.

  8. The Movement 2-3 – If not for Flagrant, this team would be the best worst team in the league. Poor defense and a very average offense have this team looking far from the 8-0 team of the spring.

  9. Flagrant 1-3 – Starting 1-3 and then having to face a hungry Movement team and then the Champs, the playoffs look like they will be going on without this talented team 2 seasons in a row.

  10. STS 1-3 – A few pieces at key positions are not enough in this league. They will have to play perfect football to beat any of the teams above on this list.

Playoff Ranking

  1. Dream Killers (Division Leader)

  2. Reign (Division Leader)

  3. The Syndicate

  4. That 1 Team

  5. Big O

  6. The Town

  7. Evil Empire

  8. The Movement

Weekly Interview – With Flagrant’s Rell Burkes

  1. How much blame do you put on yourself for not making the playoffs last season? And honestly, how much do you think the overall team places on you?

Personally I put a lot of the blame on myself. Rather the team is playing good or bad. Everyone looks at the QB play first. I have some really good teammates, after a win or lose we try to stay away from finger pointing so I don't think my team puts as much blame on me as they should. If anyone is there to take the blame of the load as the leader/Qb it should be me and I can handle that.

  1. No names needed. Where would you rank yourself amongst the top QB’s in IAC? And Why?

If I'm going to be completely honest here, which I will. I'm not having the best season at the moment but with the playoffs still at reach I'm going to turn things around. With that being said I'd have to place myself in the top 4. Until I get a win that means something against a top team, I have to humble myself. I do feel that I have all of the ability to be considered of the best QB's in the league not even throwing in the factor when I'm forced to run there's no one that can do what I do.

  1. Wedding And team vacations. Can you tell IAC about a funny moment during one of your famous Flagrant Vegas trips?

One of the funniest moments in my opinion would have to be our first year in Vegas as a team, and we're all in the pool chilling having a good time. Nobody notices that we're missing someone. We turn around and B is by the food stuffing her face without telling anyone the food had come out. Lol… she has a huge appetite, don't let the fit shape fool you.

  1. I’m putting you on the hot seat. Name 3 of the most overrated players in IAC. And 3 players you think don’t get enough respect.

3 players that are overrated Jack, Felix, and Boobie (not the bald Boobie) Underrated one of my male receivers #9. We call him Ghost, not just because he's my teammate. Very athletic, sure hands and has sneaky speed. Nick from DK is pretty underrated as a rusher causes a lot of trouble. As much shit as I talk to her during the game I have to go with T-Mac. I think she's pretty underrated as a WR. I haven't seen her drop too many passes.

  1. What has your experience been playing in both leagues at the same time? Good and bad.

Me personally playing in both leagues has been cool. For instance if I'm playing in A2 before an IAC game I'm already loose and the pre-game jitters are gone. Bad is some people we have on our roster playing on other teams have to put Flagrant on the back burner and it's cost us a couple games this season along with injuries. So trying to balance both schedules for those who have a commitment to another team really sucks.

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