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Week 4 Recap/Scores

11am – The Town 26 vs. Evil Empire 27

On one side, you have Evil Empire falling down in the IAC ranking not even playing, being idle from a bye week. On the other side, you have The Town coming in off of their biggest win of the season against The Movement in OT. This had trap game written all over it. Again, you be the judge, not me. This also could have been a game where Evil knew they were gone win regardless. No matter what you choose, it was Evil coming away with the victory in the end. This game went back in forth from the opening coin flip. BBQ Johnny smoked their opening drive (You like that word play there? LOL!!) anyway… He smoked their opening drive with a down the field interception that had The Town feeling themselves early. Mr. 36 minutes himself took The Town down without a sweat to go up 6. They would go blow for blow and end the half tied at 14. Zo finished the day with 327 yards, 4 touchdowns, and a very costly interception on a red play that gave some much needed momentum to Evil. Like The Town before on thiera turnover, Evil marched down easy to take the lead 21-14. John finished with 285 yards, 4 touchdowns, and that first half interception. His favorite target of the day was Mr. Rob White who finished with 4 catches, 88 yards and a tuddy. These two teams again would go blow for blow until the very end when Evil went up 7 towards the end of the second half with a 15 yard TD to A A Aron Rawls. Even with the time ticking away, the Evil defense is not exactly known for actually being good. So to know one’s surprise, The Town went down the field fairly easy for the score and the chance to either win or force a second OT in as many weeks. And in the end, Evil’s defense got the stop that they needed and won the game by 1. The Red Man, aka Money Mike Haywood lead all receivers on this day with 6 catches, 141 yards and 3 touchdowns. Evil faces one of the hottest teams in the league DK next week while The Town has to lick their wounds for two weeks with a bye on next Sunday.

12pm – Reign 18 vs. Sweeney Taud 16

So if you were looking for excitement in this game…… Better luck next time. Insert sad face L There was a 72 yard run play for a touchdown for crying out loud. Reign… How in da hell do you let someone run past your entire defense in flag football on the ground. L Anyway, the game still had to be played and someone had to win. And it was me wrong again on this one. I thought a strong showing in previous weeks would have STS winning after this one. But not having their starting QB ultimately crushed their hopes of winning their first IAC game. Jason Joel, I don’t know you, but how do you throw for only 107 yards. Was you throwing the ball under hand? And Reign, I ask again. How do you win by only 2 against a team with no offense at all? Anyway, BBQ was flying before and after the game. Cause Thrill got him a win ya’ll. LOL!! He had a great day with 343 passing yards, 3 touchdowns, and zero picks. (And still only won by 2) Ok, let me stop. It was actually an exciting ending. Sweeney Taud nearly got the win when Jason threw the go ahead TD to Mr Swagg King, Dorian Hayes. But one thing you can’t take away from Reign is their experience. Kalm, kool, and Kollected. BBQ Thrill took his team down the field almost with eaze. The game was won with less than 10 seconds in the game when one of the best out there at her position, Rebekah from Reign caught the game winning tuddy. The good news is, Reign is on a 2 game winning streak. The bad news is, they have two wins versus the two new teams. They look to make their presence known next week against the #1 ranked T1T. As for STS, this won’t happen again. But I actually have them favored again to come away with a win. They face up against STMO in the battle of the newbies. The losing team is almost destined to go this year without tasting victory. Somebody wake me up when they finish playing.

1pm – The Big O 13 vs. The Syndicate 34

This final comes to no surprise to anyone. Probably not even the Big O players either. That bad man Uncle Willie was at it again running and passing the ball Sunday, but it was not nearly enough to beat the champs on this day. Little D lead the team with 8 big catches, 97 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Good Ol’ Faithful, aka. Val did what she does best catching and throwing for Big O. She finished with a passing TD, 7 catches, and 64 yards receiving. Syndicate took a 12-0 lead going into half and then put a little icing on the cake striking first in the second half. It was over after that. Mr Pale, aka Mr. Mama There Goes That Man Sunshine had a walk in the park day with 365 passing yards and 5 touchdowns. As always, the ball was spread around pretty well. But it was The fastest Milk Dud you will ever see, Boobie Miles torching the Big O secondary with 4 catches, 134 yards, and a tuddy. Bama must have had the cheat code letting Boobie do most of the work while he quietly grabbed not 1, not 2, but 3 receiving touchdowns. Big O has a bye week this week before playing DK in the Game of The Week. They are 2-2 in the middle of the pack, trying to get every win they can in a tough IAC league. The Syndicate on the other hand has the Game of The Week this Sunday against The Movement. The Movement look to revenge their championship lost in the spring season. These two teams will be playing for playoff position next week with bragging rights on the line.

2pm – The Movement 26 vs. That 1 Team 42

The #1 team looked ok on Sunday. But only because of divine intervention. God blessed them with the victory ladies and gentlemen. I saw 3 priests and a nun out there on their sideline. If I’m lying I’m flying. I saw a leprechaun run past the end zone. It was crazy. Strangest thing I have seen this season. I even saw a damn unicorn. The best worst QB in the league had a deflated ball and I think I saw him juicing before the game. I mean The Movement did all they could do to fight the odds. But even with all of that, they were able to make it a game until the end. With everything going on, it was no surprise why the 4 time MVP had a rough game. He still nearly threw for 300 yards, 4 touchdowns, and a pick. The game looked out of reach towards the end of the first half when The Movement was down a score with less than 30 seconds left. However Good hair was able to pull his team within one with a 4 play drive scoring on a red play to Veronica Smith. T1T’s Gene had 5 total touchdowns and over 325 total yards. The Movement’s Fal Gal was open all day, and would have been player of the game for sure with 5 catches, 150 yards, and 2 touchdowns. But wins count in this league. So the team win, along with 3 touchdowns, T Mack stole the show with heartbreaking touchdowns all day long. The Movement will have to get their act together on defense to have a chance next week against the champs. And good hair has to get his head out his ass and play better to give his defense a chance to be great. It’s a tough challenge, but in Bobby’s World, anything can happen. All jokes aside, T1T played well on both sides of the ball and looked worthy of their #1 IAC ranking. As good as water is wet, I look for them to keep their winning ways this Sunday against Reign.

Game of The Week

3pm – Dream Killers 28 vs. Flagrant 8

Talking to Vino during the offseason, it seemed that Flagrant had their shit together. They added a few players, and looked on board for a break out season. All they needed was to sure up their defense, get Rell running and passing like previous seasons. And they would be fighting for the top all year long. Now their fighting for a playoff spot. Missing last season’s playoffs apparently was not a fluke. And it didn’t help that Sunday, they ran up against one of IAC’s hottest teams. Dream Killers are looking stronger than ever this season mainly due to the split league. This compilation of a team has taken full advantage of free agency. Starting QB JP has been one of their biggest pickup as he remains undefeated this season. He finished with 256 yards and 3 touchdowns. I don’t know who he threw it to with half their team not having jerseys. LOL!! But it was someone, because this game was damn near over before it started. Flagrant took an early 8-6 lead in the first have. Then they started their bye week early. With their fearless leader Vino, hobbling on one leg, Rell couldn’t get anything going throwing for only 197 yards, 1 touchdown, and 2 interceptions. Lucky for them, there will be 8 playoff teams this season, so they still make squeeze in being the best of the terrible teams. But if they don’t fix something fast, an early first round exit is all they can expect in a few weeks. As for DK, they went into half time with a 20-8 lead and coasted to victory from there on out. Eminem, aka Nick was in the face of the Qb all day. He finished with 3 flag grabs and 2 sacks. Well Flagrant can rest assure they won’t be losing next week, with their bye week. However, they come back playing The Movement and then The Syndicate in back to back weeks. If this team goes on a 5 game losing streak, keep all sharp objects away from their players. Straight suicide watch. DK plays Evil next week in our early game. I’m betting on them, but their defense will have to play well to keep Evil out the end zone early and often.


  1. That 1 Team

  2. Dream Killers

  3. The Syndicate

  4. Evil Empire

  5. The Town

  6. The Movement

  7. Reign

  8. The Big O

  9. Flagrant

  10. STS

IAC’s Who’s Hot & Who’s Not List

Who’s Hot

5. The Movement’s Fallon Fal Gal Dickens

Fallon leads all women in every offensive statistical category. Tied for the league lead in touchdowns last season, she looks to claim female MVP this summer. Men and women included, she stands 4th in yards, 4th in receptions and 3rd in touchdowns.

4. The Syndicate’s Michael Sunshine Scherpenberg

Mike is leading the league in passing yards, and touchdowns. Arguable the best Qb this league has to offer, his record and stats give you is all you need to confirm this theory. And don’t forget the trophies.

3. The Dream Killers

This squad is kicking ass and taking names. Ken looks to have taken over as the best GM in the league. Their defense looks to be one of the league’s best, and their offense has weapons, female or male at every position.

2. The Town’s Mike (Red Man) Haywood

Mike takes over as The Town’s #1 option. 1st in the league in yards and touchdowns, and 3rd in receptions. His ability to hit you for the long ball as made him one of IAC’s top talents this season.

1. That 1 Team

T1T are plays away from being undefeated. The best worst Qb in IAC is playing well using his arm and legs. Their defense is playing well getting key stops in every single game this season. With no major challenges this season, look for them to finish a league’s best 7-1.

Who’s Not...

5. The Movement

The Movement is 5th in both offense and defense. Middle of the road is nothing familiar to this squad. Not to mention they are currently riding their first ever 2 game losing streak. Playing the Champs next week is almost a must win for the moral of this talented team.

4. The Big O

2 Qb’s mean you have no Qb. Not knowing who will show up on both sides of the ball has Big O off to a slow start. With struggles stopping people too, this season probably won’t end too well for these veterans.

3. STS

Usually being 0-3 will land you on this list. A few pieces thrown together won’t be enough to be completive in this league. 1 win was my prediction for this team, and that will probably come next week against STMO. But that’s all folks!!!


Only by default guys, are you #2 and not #1. With hardly enough talent on either side of the ball to scare anyone, this off season will be very key to see if this team returns with a better product to put on the field. There is always BBQ’s… (Kanye Shrug)

1. Flagrant

Flagrant finds themselves #1 purely based talent not be talented. My pre-season #3 has fallen week after week, with loss after loss. 4-8 in the IAC dating back to last season has this team scratching their heads. And with their best offensive option and leader playing injured, an 8th seed in this season’s playoffs is the best they can now hope for.

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