Week 3 Recap/Scores

11am – Sweeney Taud 12 vs. The Big O 14

As I predicted, Big O jumped back into their winning ways this week versus STS, and in exciting fashion. STS jumped out first with a 6-0 lead. Actually, the only touchdown scored in the entire first half. I wasn’t sure if it was horrible offense being played, or great defense. Nevertheless, it was a tight one going into the half. That bad man Uncle Willie threw 2 picks in the first half to help his team to a goose egg. But this game of football is played for 40 minutes. He finished with 275 yards and 2 tuddies to lead his team to victory. Mr Baldy himself looked amazing for STS and terrible at the same time. Tuck lead his team with 6 catches, 100 yards, and two touchdowns. But it was his wide open drop that in the end, may have lost the game for Sweeney Taud. Down 2, All-State Williams threw a beautiful 60 plus yard pass down the sideline with less than 2 minutes left in the game that would of gave them the lead and probably the win. They bounced back from the drop however to take the ball down to the Big O 3 yard line. And then All-State turned into ½ State. Just when half the sideline was telling Big O to let the game changing score go untested, Speedy Gonzalez himself, aka Darious Melchor, swooped in to intercept the ball to seal the win for Big O. Little D also added 5 catches and a touchdown on the other side of the ball. Williams finished with an impressive 342 passing yards and 2 Td’s, but it was the costly pick that ended his team’s pursuit for their first IAC win. Sweeney Taud faces Reign after the break. One game that should be fun to watch. Sike!! While The Big O faces the champs, Syndicate. It’s these tough games Big O most times find ways to lose, but they are playing with a lot of confidence. We shall see what happens.

12pm – The Dream Killers 22 vs. The Syndicate 21

Easily the biggest upset of the day. As DK walked to the sideline, I didn’t think that had enough players. LBVS!! But apparently, they had all they needed. Somebody please tell little big head Nuri, his reign as the Dream Killer Qb is all but over. Cause JP, aka Jason Sehorn, aka the most hated white man in co-ed flag football has locked in his spot. A great poised performance from JP, he looked like the old Syndicate JP. Not the JP that got subbed by a girl QB in the CBL last year. LOL!! He had 261 yards passing and three total touchdowns with no turnovers. This game featured another pale Qb in Sunshine. His stat line looked good with over 300 yards passing and 3 touchdowns, but it was key mistakes down the stretch that helped DK get the win today. The day looked like it was going to be Syndicate early and often putting the ball in the end zone when Bama took a basic 20 yard play down the sideline for an 80 yard tuddy. Fake pitch fooled everyone on and off the field that cleared him all the way for 6. The game came down to the wire with Dream Killers running the clock out at the end. The female krew for DK is top notch, and that was the major factor in Sunday’s win. Again, I’m lying. The quiet assassin, Big Kev made lunch meat of the Syndicate db’s. Catching balls over them, running past them, he looked flat out unstoppable. But the story again for the day was JP playing his old team, and the QB he was replaced for. He said all the right things before and after the game. But please believe me when I say this victory was a big deal for him and a big deal for DK which puts them in a 6 way tie for first. Yes, 6!! It won’t take long to see one or two teams pull away from the pack, but for now. First place has to feel good especially when beating IAC’s best. Just like Big O, DK jumped into the winning column after last week’s loss. Syndicate looks to do the same against Big O. I can’t think of too many reasons Syndicate would drop this game. DK looks to put Flagrant’s playoff hopes in jeopardy on the 10th. That game will have a lot of excitement for sure.

1pm – Flagrant 16 vs. T1T 20

I actually picked T1T to get the dub on Sunday. However, not the way it happened. In every game you play in the IAC. The only thing you can ask for is that each team plays each other at or close to 100%. But this game took a turn for the worst for Flagrant early when they lost their heart and soul Vino Bland on their first drive of the game. He finished only with one catch, and didn’t see the field for the rest of the game. But what makes teams great is their depth. Receiver might be a position they look to upgrade next season. Did I say receiver, I meant they might need to upgrade at male receiver. Because T Ali had no problem helping to pick up the slack leading her team in receptions with 6. The MVP front runner weeks back looked lost without his number one target. Rell finished the day with only 157 in the air with 2 touchdowns, and was forced to use his feet maybe too much rushing for another 82. Can’t win big games consistently playing like that. But it was T1T’s defense that sealed the victory for theW. Was it great defense by T1T with a late game goal line stop? Or was it poor clock management and game time decisions down the stretch that hurt Flagrant yet again? You be the judge. Nonetheless, it was the best worst Qb in the league proving critics wrong winning with his arm and not his feet on this day. Gene finished with 291 passing yards and 2 td’s. Al B Sure aka Jason Young (LOL) killed anyone in front or behind him with 6 catches, 130 yards and 2 tuddies for T1T. This was a rivalry game for both, and no love lost between these two teams for sure. And sad to say, my early 3rd ranked team is slowly falling down in the standings at 1-2. They look to fight back to 500 against a tough Dream Killer team. Not having played either Syndicate or The Movement yet. This might be an early must win for Flagrant. I look for them to respond nicely with a win. As for T1T, their next up are The Movement. Fresh off a loss themselves, they will be looking for blood. T1T will have their hands full.

2pm – The Town 32 vs. The Movement 26

Well look at here…. Everyone on pins and needles for this week’s Bobby’s World after a Movement loss. But if you thought I was gone bad mouth my team. Better chance at Colin getting an NFL job this season. We da best!!. #killyoself….. HaHaHaHa…. But, calling spade a spade, you need to look no further than The Movement’s offense to understand why they had a hard time this game to come away with the victory. The 4 time MVP is playing not so MVP like with the 6th best offense in the league. But it was Chef Grady getting his team the early edge with a pick in mid field that Zo and The Town capitalized on. The Town jumped out on top with a 20-6 halftime lead. But before the half, it was the Qb’s wife, Porsche Snowden giving the people what they wanted with an interception that damn near went back for 6. 80 yards later both her and corner TB ran out of steam. But it was for sure the play of the day with both benches going wild. Championship teams always fight back and fight back is what The Movement did forcing overtime. Even with the game seemingly going in The Towns favor. With 30 seconds left in regulation, The Movement couldn’t punch in their 1 point conversion for the game winner. Zo played well with 5 touchdown passes for 315 yards. Catching the ball, the red man himself was hard to stop. Money Mike Haywood had over 100 and a touchdown. Both team played well enough for the win, but there are no moral victories between rivals. In OT, it was The Town’s offense up first. They punched in a score while their defense shut the door on the game. Playing mighty average like some Qb’s I won’t name, Bobby got his team in an impossible position in OT with a 4th and red on their own 20. Game, set, match. Bobby’s Angels did most of hard work catching a total of 14 catches, over 140 yards and 2 touchdowns. I’m not sure The Movement has ever lost 2 games in a row, so look for them to win and bounce back strong against T1T. As for The Town, they have an early game against a rested Evil team. I look for them to make it 2 in a row. But only if Mr. 36 minutes balls out like he did this Sunday.

3pm – Game of The Week

STMO 20 vs. Reign 21

I can’t lie; I fell asleep 3 times during this game. L Especially after Porsche kneed me in the head during the post-game celebration. ( Insert sad face) But I have to do my job and my job I will do. This game was terrible…. I’m lying, it was actually very exciting. STMO as a young quick QB in Marcus Robinson, and he was minutes away from helping them get their first win of the season. I would be lying again if I told you I thought they would get the victory. But I knew this was a great chance for them. Marcus threw for 228 and 3 total touchdowns. Zero turnovers as well. But where Reign lacks in talent some weeks, they make up for it in experience. Number one reason I thought they would get the W. Their starting QB Brandon came in the game not playing much if at all in this early season and gave them that extra push to pull away in the end. BBQ Thrill, sat this game out at QB. Not sure the reason, but I’m positive we will soon see him again slanging on the grill and the field for the blue and white. Reign had no stand out performers catching the ball with Brandon evenly spreading the ball around. However big Ben Ross pulled in 2 touchdowns to lead the way. I have personally seen miss Nadia Miller on the practice field and during regular play. The talent is there, but her overall 3 receptions this season will need to increase if this team has any chance in proving me wrong and getting a victory this season. As for this game, close battles always leads to the fight for the conversions. Reign had the half time lead at 15-14 and ran out the clock in the end with that same one point margin. Reign will play a new squad 2 weeks straight when they face up against Sweeney Taud. I’m not saying this is an upset, cause it really aint. Better QB, better talent usually equals a W. And the eye test has that for Sweeney Taud next week. So look for them to get their 1st win of the year. As for STMO, I guarantee they don’t lose next week. Only reason is because they have a bye. ( Kanye Shrug)

IAC Top 10

  1. T1T – Tough loss against Syndicate followed by 2 straight wins. When the top two fall. Your up!!

  2. The Syndicate –Can’t stay # 1 after a loss. They will have a chance soon to prove their the best

  3. The Movement – Lost a game they should have won. Can move back up after next week.

  4. The Town – GM moves has this team looking good. Need to see more to crack top 3

  5. Dream Killers- Beat the #1, might be higher on other polls. I have to see more consistency

  6. Evil Empire – Can you go down being idle? Yes. But facing #4 next week will tell a lot

  7. The Big O – Inconsistent play has them at 7. Huge test next vs. the #2

  8. Flagrant – Not losing by a lot, but loses are loses. Every game is big now starting 1-2

  9. Reign – Stays here by default. Can’t go any higher if you ask me. Only down from here

  10. STS – The eye test has them at #9. Will have a chance to prove it after the holiday

Weekly Interview – With FNIT’s Ed Lucious

1. Will we ever see FNIT again? It's like you Beyoncé, and you went solo. What is everyone else doing?

No Beyoncé here. I'm more like El Debarge, but without the crack addiction. Life comes at you fast. Synthia has dedicated more time to being a new mom and perfecting her "Cent Punch", Pierre is training young revolutionaries, Tommy is working on a new technology where if you buy one of his t shirts, it comes with his album and you can hear it when you put the shirt on. Arista is the new Defensive Coordinator for Habeebee and Akeem is teaching a new MMA style of martial arts called the Deadly Ankle Immobilizer. We may do a reunion special if our contract demands are met.

2. How is this season going so far from last season? Competition, new teams, and overall how the league is being run.

I think the season is going well. The level of competition has increased and adding three teams after losing one is a good sign. For some strange reason a few people wanted IAC to fold, but it’s grown. As long as Tracy keeps the backup DJ with the tiny speakers off the field, she'll be fine

3. Not that you would pay any money to see coed flag football. But who would you pay to see here in the IAC. And on the flip side, putting you on the hot seat. Who is overrated?

I actually think people would and do pay money to watch flag football. That's a testament to the growth of the sport on the south side. People come out to watch, then get that itch to participate and start teams. I love seeing women excel in the sport. Movement, Syndicate, The Town and Dream Killers come to mind. You know I'm never afraid of the hot seat. As far as being overrated and these are two of my favorite teams so I am extending this as a challenge to prove me wrong, I expect more Flagrant and T1T. On paper they should be competing for titles at this point. It's time for them to play up to their talent level.

4. Who will win this season's title? And what two teams will be there at the end with something to say about it. Why?

I'm going back to my prediction from last season: Syndicate vs Movement. Even though they let me down last season, I'm predicting Movement to come out on top. I think the sting of losing last season will nullify the overconfidence and have them more focused. The onlytwo teams that can beat them are themselves and each other. LOL!!

5. If you could name one thing. What would you change about IAC and why?

IAC has the opportunity to be the epicenter of flag football in Chicago. There's clearly enough talent to support multiple leagues, and they need to take advantage of the fact that they have more players who play in multiple leagues. By that I mean IAC needs to innovate instead of immulate: Offer USFTL sanctioned leagues and tournaments, expand to men's and women's 8 on 8, sponsor a few teams to compete in national tournaments, etc. and lastly, expand the field 120 yards. And more interviews with Ed!