Week 2 Recap/Scores

11am – T1T 30 vs. Dream Killers 16

One thing is for certain and two things I know for sure. You are not going to win many games scoring 16 points here in the IAC. Now I know Dream Killers were playing a better team than last week, but with as many weapons has this team has, this was bad. DK Qb Nuri had 205 passing yards with two touchdowns. One of which was a great heads up play by one of the all-around best, female or male players Kelly. She caught a 35 yard pass and pitched it back to complete an 80 yard passing touchdown. It was all downhill after that. Their next drive came to an end inside the 5 with zero points to show for it. The best worst QB had his squad running on all cylinders. Gene finished with 231 passing yards and 3 touchdowns. Light skin Drake, aka Jason had a big day with 9 catches, 95 yards and 2 tuddies for T1T. I could blame everything on bad Qb play from DK, and it would be pretty valid. But questionable coaching has to play a huge part too. Dk chose to rush a female against the best running weapon in the entire league for most of the game. Let’s just say they probably won’t do that again. T1T brings a great overall squad into battle next week against Flagrant which will probably be the game of the week not on paper. I’m taking T1T in this one. As for DK, don’t look now, its Syndicate up next. 1-2 isn’t that bad. An upset, this will not be. Sorry not Sorry.

12pm – Evil Empire 37 vs. Flagrant 32

Both defenses came into today’s game looking to get just one stop against two of the best offenses in all of IAC. Turns out Evil got just enough in the likes of 2 crucial turnovers. Rell’s early season MVP hopes takes a huge blow this game. Your Qb has to control the game, and poor clock management by this young man proved too costly for his team to come away with the victory. With a commanding two score lead in the 2nd half, Flagrant couldn’t hold on. Good news for Flagrant, their overall team still looks strong at every position. 4 passing touchdowns were caught by 4 different people. BBQ Johnny does it again with a clutch W putting up 4 td’s, 335 yards and 1 INT. I saw Old man Hibbard Zach poppin pain pills B4 the game to get through this one. LOL!! Guess what?? It worked. This oldie but goodie caught 4 balls for over 100 yards and a touchdown. It’s something about veteran teams that can’t be measured in this league. Evil may have had the first game jitters of the IAC, but it looks like they will be settling in nicely. However, they better sure up their defense to have any hope or chance to be a true contender in this league. We hope the black and silver come out with a few BBQ ribs next week on their bye. Flagrant hopes to bounce back against T1T. Both teams come in at 1-1. My money is on the better QB as always. And that guy does not play for Flagrant. Looks like my preseason pick to click, and 3rd best team is looking more like the spring season version. Only time will tell.

1pm – STMO 14 vs. The Syndicate 28

Oddly enough, this game was very close at 0-0. But then the coin was flipped, both teams came onto the field, and the rest is history. My preseason favorite to do absolutely nothing and win no games comes through in the clutch for me again. Glass halfway full, they played a hell of a lot better than last week. Time will eventually get you guys to where you need to be. Rayzaun and Armani both brought in touchdowns this past Sunday with over 200 yards collectively. I guess number #1 Jamar does know how to throw a spiral. Very modest performance with 279 in the air and 2 touchdowns. That man, aka the pale wonder, aka Sunshine keeps racking up victories. This time collecting 258 yards through the air and 4 touchdowns. He keeps his offense looking cooler than the other side of the pillow. No real stands outs receiving for Syndicate, but that’s the name of the game for them. They just keep winning using anyone that will help them get the W. Brandon Watts did lead the way for them, snatching 4 balls for 63 yards, and adding 2 td’s. I saw big Kurt on the sideline looking hungry after their game. Not surprising, so look out Dream Killers. This team is one of the best with pre game strategies and game planning for an opponent. My favorite to win that game is the champs, however DK may have something up their sleeve. STMO comes in next week with honestly their only chance of getting a victory this season versus Reign. And even that chance isn’t all that good.

2pm – The Big O 6 vs The Movement 20

The Movement stars off 2-0 against 2 of their easier opponents this season. And the points against showed again only giving up 1 touchdown. And if 16 points can’t get you a win in this league. 6 points sure as hell won’t either. This game got a little testy when both benches cleared the sideline and woof tickets were given by players on both squads. In the end, it left Big O without their best receiver on a potential game tying drive. And Movement without one of their best male db’s lurking in the secondary. Both players were ejected by the refs. When the dust settled it was Ju Ju, IAC’s biggest arm and belly throwing a game ending INT to former Big O star Brandon P. That had to feel great. But before all of that, Big O smoked not 1, but 2 chances deep in The Movement red zone to score at the end of the first half. An interception by Sid of the Movement looked to put The Big O away early. But a bone head toss backwards to ABSOLUTELY NO ONE gave Big O the ball back to take the lead. The Movement defense ended up holding again. Ju didn’t play well enough to pick up the win. But uncle Willie played fantastic before his ejection catching key catches all day ending up with 66 yards and 1 tuddy. JT Money had another big day scoring 2 touchdowns for the Movement while Bobby had an average performance at best. Not trusting his arm, he was able pass for only 190 yards picking up another 71 on the ground, with 3 total touchdowns. Next week, Big O faces Sweeney Taud which will most likely put them back in their winning ways. The Movement has a rivalry game against The Town with QB play being very important. I’m going with the current league MVP over Mr. 36 minutes. And why wouldn’t I. (Kanye Shrug)

3pm - Game Of The Week

The Town 29 vs. Sweeney Taud 22

People kept asking me… Why is this the game of the week??? Because it actually was. Outside of the Evil vs. Flagrant game. This was the best game of the day by far. Late game turnover, STS coming within 1 point to force OT. Then saying F##k that, we going for 2 and the win. All the way to the eventual game winning touchdown by The Town. This game had it all and kept me out of my seat. Honestly speaking, this game had blowout written all over it early. The Town pretty much controlled the game for most of it. But new comers STS stayed around in striking distance until they was able to attack. And it almost proved very costly for the North Siders. Zo had 280 yards in the air, 4 touchdowns, and an INT. May the Force be with you. Or should I say may Kim and Grady be with you. They join the team at the midnight hour and possible has helped save The Town from a more than likely very poor season. They both jump started the team with The Town’s first two touchdowns of the game. Kim continued having a hardy day with 5 catches and 62 yards. ALL-State, an up and coming QB in the league, played well in his IAC debut with 199 yards and 3 touchdowns. Mr. I used to paint my lining, but now I wear a football cap at all time, aka J Tuck showed up and showed out. 6 catches, 98 yards, and a touchdown. This speedy bullet might be one to watch in the next few weeks. All in all, The Town had the game in control until Mr. 36 minutes threw an interception late in the game to give STS a chance for a 1st game victory. And they took full advantage scoring for 6, going for 2, and giving them their first lead of the game. However, giving credit where credit is due, Zo took no time to carve this defense up to go ahead for good with a 30 yard pass to new comer Chaz. Carlton looks to be up for GM of the year. Sweeney Taud looks for their first win next week against Big O. I still think they are a little light on talent to pull off the upset. But they are proving to be a tough out. While The Town 9 times out of 10 will be 1-2 after playing last season’s runner up next week, The Movement.

IAC Top 10

1. The Syndicate

2. The Movement

3. T1T 4. Evil Empire

5. Flagrant

6. The Town 7. Dream Killers 8. The Big O 9. Reign

10.Sweeney Taud

Weekly Interview – With Gene King of T1T

Rapid Fire… What comes to your mind when you think of…..

The Movement - Solid team but will never get over the hump. Thought they would last season but came up short.

T1T - Dangerous and pretty close to being future champs.

IAC - Dope ass league, TERRIBLE REFS!!!

Syndicate – The Champs

Every season, you have to think you will be the one who holds up the championship trophy. What will make this season different?

Defense, we've always been one of the top offenses in the league this year we have dawgs out there on defense!!! I think that's what's gonna get us to the promise land

Some folks say you have not been able to win the big games. What is your response?

I haven't, I don't care about the regular season those games are just for bragging rights but I've let my team down in the playoffs to teams I'm supposed to beat. And I've won a couple big games lol but def under .500 lol

You included, you have a few people on your squad who play for both co-ed leagues on Sundays. What are your concerns looking into the playoffs?

T1T will and always comes first for players on my team our borrowed players I'll have to work something out with them and I think our playoffs will not be at the same time as A2 so hopefully it won't be any conflicts of schedule.

As much shit I give you being a bum and all, you would be my third ranked QB in the IAC. Where would you rank yourself and why?

Right behind Mike and only that's only because he has rings but I feel I'm the next best strong arm, dangerous when I run, I'm the new age Mike Vick!!!