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#1 Dream Killers vs #2 The Movement

Dream Killers 2-0

In the beginning of the season, I thought The Movement and The Syndicate were all set for another battle on Championship Sunday. However, pound for pound, DK’s talent on their roster was right at the top of the entire league. Taking care of divisional business during regular season play, gave Dream Killers an easier path to glory. Proof of it showed on the score board as they all but breezed through the Elite 8 and Final 4 games to play for it all. Like any other championship team, this ball club had to go through their ups and downs this season. But it all paid off with two comfortable wins on Sunday. Reign was first up. This game was over before it began it seemed. Over matched at all most every position, Dream Killers was up big early and coasted to a blowout victory 32-14. After their victory, Dream Killers had to wait the longest amongst any IAC playoff team between games. Playing at 10am, and then at 2pm. I think the wait was well worth it. Because team moral was very high leading into their Final 4 matchup versus The Big O. As we all know, beating a team twice in one season is so tough. Big O found out the hard way. 35-6 was the final score. This game was no contest for DK.

The Movement 2-0

A controversial victory only to The Evil Empire a few weeks prior, The Movement had an extra chip on their shoulder to beat a full rostered Evil team during the Elite round. And a comfortable win it was. Up two scores with ball, The Movement turned the ball over late to give Evil a chance for a late score cutting the lead to 28-24 where it would remain. Never really challenged, The Movement looked to revenge earlier season losses to either The Town or The Syndicate. When the game started at 3pm, the rain was soon to follow. It would be the defending champs next up for The Movement. The game started off all wrong for last season’s runner up. The game looked over on 2-3 different occasions. But the resiliency of the ball club was unmatched. Tough defense was played the entire second half, along with key offensive touchdowns. The red and black was able to upset Syndicate an edge them out 28-27. In order to be the champs, you have to beat the champs. Only time will tell if The Movement can complete their up and down season on top.

Key Match-Ups

QB #3 Robert Snowden vs. DL #3 Nick Wunschi

Bobby is quick to remind people about his 4 MVP trophies. But in comes Nick winning defensive MVP in both leagues this season. Statistically, this was a pretty good season for Bobby, being named to the IAC All-Star team. However, inconsistent play at the Qb position is what we saw out of him all year long. But it has been his leadership over the span of their league leading 5 game winning streak that has his team ready for battle this coming Sunday. Nick comes in with a lot of confidence however. He absolutely showed up and showed out in both playoff games. Whoever is able to outsmart each other with getting their team in position to be successful will gain the advantage in this game. Audibles will have to be called by both captains in order to gain the advantage. Bobby leads one of IAC’s top rated offenses this year, Nick will have to keep this team under 28 in my opinion for DK to come up on top.

Advantage: Movement

DB # 23 Stanley Azie vs. WR # 55 Kevin Teamer

Kevin had one of the best offensive season’s I have seen since I have been a part of this South Side co-ed family. The MVP race was damn near over in week 6. He is the cream of the crop this year at receiver. But he will face one of the league’s top young talents at corner, Stan Azie. Stan, once a world class athlete, and the fastest man in the league shuts people down week after week. His ability to play up close and shut receivers down is what he prides himself on. He is one of our leagues best at what he does. If Kevin can use his strong hands to dominate this game, it will be a long day for The Movement. This will be a matchup to watch on every down. One thing Kevin will not be able to do is out run Stan down the field. So if he can create space and help get first downs, Dream Killers should score and score often. However, if Stan can beat Kevin to his spot making tougher throws for the DK QB, The Movement will be able to get multiple stops gaining the edge on Sunday.

Advantage: Dream Killers

WR # 53 Fallon Dickens vs. DL/DB #4 Tamika Robinson

Tamika brings so much to the table for any team she plays for. She is one of the few females that can consistently pressure QB’s at the defensive line position, and can also guard your team’s best girl. She is easily one of our league’s best defensive players. However rushing Bobby or facing IAC summer season MVP Fallon Dickens won’t be an easy task. Tamika has had previous success versus The Movement in previous seasons. However, Fallon comes in with a chip on her shoulder playing at the top of her game. Fallon led all female receivers in both yards and touchdowns. She can beat you in the short game and also take the top off down the field against the best. Whoever can win this match up will give the potential edge to their ball club.

Advantage: Even

DL/DB # 20 Rafael Pearson vs. QB #10 Jason Phillips

This game will be full of explosive talent with current and former MVP’s everywhere. RP, last season’s defensive MVP comes into Sunday also carrying a chip on his shoulder. Playing hurt for most of the season, he looks to be nearly at 100% and ready to cause problems wherever The Movement plays him. Unlike most players in the league, you can play RP anywhere on the defensive side of the ball and he will find success. This week, he will go head to head with veteran QB Jason Phillips. JP had a stand out All-Star season to lead DK to their # 1 ranking. His ability to throw down the field will be something The Movement will have to pay close attention to. If RP plays the line, he will be tasked to apply pressure in order for The Movement defensive backfield to have success. However if JP use RP’s aggressiveness against him, Dream Killers will most likely have their way offensively.

Advantage: The Movement

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