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Pre-Season Ranking

Welcome to another great season of IAC flag football. This will be the first of many IAC Newsletters by yours truly. Bobby, aka Sweet Hair, aka Lightening Molasses, aka Mr. Almost There, aka 4x MVP. Word to the wise. Don’t get upset at anything you read. If you do.... Kanye Shrug!!! And remember, Don’t Argue With Me. I’m Right!!!

IAC Pre Season Review/Ranking

1. The Syndicate

Sunshine, arguably the best QB in all of Chicago co-ed flag football is looking to only add to his legend. J Knight found the diamond in the rough. Lead by head coach Big Kurt, also known as “Mr, I ain’t never missed a meal” has brought together another championship caliber squad into the 2017 summer session. Only this team beats themselves. With only a couple teams that can match talent and experience with them, you can almost lock them in for another championship trophy later this season. Word on the street is a few old farts are finally hanging up their cleats. Let’s see what new blood they bring in to repeat as IAC champions.

Prediction: 7-1

2. The Movement

The Movement bring back 4 time MVP Bobby along with his Bobby’s Angels. Or should I say Bobby’s Angels Squared. Nadia comes over only to add to the best female receiving core in all of Chicago. Not too much change over in the off season for the 9-1 Movement. Second place was not expected for this ball club, so a championship is the only thing that will do this summer session. The team everyone loves to hate is looking to spend a long off season holding on to the title as the best team in IAC. The defense beefed up to make this the most talented team pound 4 pound.

Prediction: 8-0

3. Flagrant

This was the biggest surprises of the IAC spring season for me. Talented with a dual threat QB in Rell and an all- star filled team, they finished 3-5 looking honestly outmatched in most games they played. However, this is

my pic to click. Vino, aka the best receivers in the world in his mind has this team ready for a deep playoff push. QB play will be the biggest difference this season. Rell honestly played like shit last season. Can I say that??? They added some veteran leadership to the squad this season and have the 2nd best set of girls in the league. Only time will tell to see if they are pretenders or contenders.

Prediction: 6-2

4. The Town

The Town is all about loyalty, respect, and doing things the right way. Their depth really hurt them last spring, however Carlton has his Evanston krew ready for a deep playoff run with a few key added pieces. Chaz comes over this season to combine with one of the league best two way females Porsche. ( My favorite player in all of the world) Their defense was a shell of past years with new players and a lack of female talent. I think their new editions will give them a shot at the top. This was a final 4 team that could make some noise again. But you know what it is. They go as far as their QB Zo can take them. I doubt that young man can put a full 40 minutes together to beat an elite team. I guess we will all see.

Prediction: 5-3

5. That 1 Team

This team is the wild card of it all. They could be really damn good, or really flipping bad this season. Gene comes back after a pretty average season honestly. Easily

the best worst QB in the league has a lot to prove this season. Adding Rob Riley and T Crump

will help for sure. On paper, they look pretty athletic and deep. However, what will Gene do???? That is the question. They do have one of the best all-around females on the roster. Not sure if she is healthy and how much she will play. If they have any hope this season, I hope so. Their defense was pretty shaky most of the season against top talent, so that will be the main improvement they bring this summer session. Championship??? Hell no. But they will make their traditional upset or two during the regular season.

Prediction: 5-3

6. Evil Empire

Kill, kill, kill is the motto. New to IAC, Evil Empire is coming in hot off a final four push in “that other league.” The sad thing for them, the IAC is a different beast. They do bring a very talented squad into the league ready to make some noise. Even though many of the Evil core hasn’t won much of anything since the CBL stone ages. A championship team, they are not, however they will also make an upset or two this regular season. Veteran QB John, aka I’m that man on the grill is always at the top of the statistical charts. But stats don’t equal wins. This is another team that lacks the ability to put 40 full minutes to be an elite ball klub. They will for sure have a lot of defenses on their heels this season. But will their defense be able to stop anyone on the flip side??

Prediction: 4-4

7. DreamKillers

Who is the Qb? Who will play from week to week?? These are key questions for me. I think they will damn near drop every game to the teams above. Saying that, a piss poor season is ahead of DK. Brother Ken always has some great pieces on his squad. And his offensive ladies are top notch catching the ball. It’s running after the catch is the problem.  So with a shaky QB, an inconsistent offense, and a non-existent defense. They will stink this season. I’m hoping to eat some good DK BBQ. Although after they read this, they probably won’t give me none. ( Insert Sad Face) But I can’t lie, they will be bad, I’m hoping they can get at least 3 wins this season.

Prediction: 3-5

The Big O

You know when Mike says his team is bad, and they won’t win any games and blah blah blah. This time he is telling the truth. A lot of turnover on this team. They lose their best two players Brandon and Zay to teams that were better already. Not the best look. Shot out to JuJu being the only QB bigger than Bobby  He is actually one of the best QB’s in the league. Google him. But flag has not exactly been his best friend. The good news is, they have good ol faithful in Val. Pound 4 pound, one of the best offensive threats in the league, she is the bright spot on an otherwise bad team. Lucky for them, they will probably sneak in the playoffs.

Prediction: 3-5

Playing 4 Cardio

 STMO  Reign  Sweeney Taud

For these last few clubs. I’m not even going to waste my free minutes on typing out too much. They make up my playing for cardio squad. The only thing we need to figure out is if they are playing for cardio or playing for fun. For Reign, they finished 1-7 last season. And unless Thrill is throwing BBQ on the grill, he ain’t scoring much. I take Gene’s comment back. Thrill might be the best worst QB in the league. Great arm, just makes bone head moves some times which lose him and his team games. Reign is a class act however. So honestly, I’m hoping they get 2 wins this season. Let’s just say I’m not holding my breathe. As for the other two squads. I’m going out on a limb about the Sweeney team. I have no clue on who plays for their them. I really don’t care. They will probably be pretty bad. I have seen STMO a few times at Mandrake. They won’t win a game. I’ll put a bottle on it. I’m praying you guys have a great time this year, BBQ, drink, and make a few Netflix and Chill dates. What can I Say?? 1911 is the right year, wrong color fellas. ( Yeah I said it) LOL!!! But for real, these teams will be on a race for worst in the league.

Prediction: 1 team will finish with 0 wins and the other 2 two will finish with 1 win.

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